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  1. SYP do not currently have Neighbour Hood Policing, it stopped due to cuts a long time ago, they are currently developing a new model
  2. Yorkshire Housing, Ask for their Stay Put scheme, if you buy the locks they will fit them cheaper than anyone. Or they supply and fit, far cheaper than a locksmiths
  3. Hi, only just seen this, no, not attempted paste, I grate it into my ground bait and it seems to attract more fish, had some (for me) decent catches this year. Have fried meat in it but it is rancid lol
  4. Cheers for the comments, tried videos, a book or animation may be the answer, thanks again.
  5. Just a word of warning on using Belachan Block, I used it for the first time the other day, cooked some meat in the stuff, OMG, it absolutely stinks, nearly made me puke, also stunk the house out for days. My advice would be to just use a grater (outside). the one saving grace was I did catch on the super stinking meat
  6. Morning fishing friends, do you know an easy way to tie securely a swivel and also a quick change bead?. I have lost a couple of fish due to my incompetence, I have watched You Tube and tried to follow instructions for the Palomar knot but I just get in a right mess. Am not saying am thick but my diy is rubbish too!! I suspect finding someone willing to show me on my local ponds with the patience is my best bet?? Thanks in advance?
  7. Morning all, I have been turning over a patch of not very good soil. I have dug it over 3 times, raked and raked. I am after some decent topsoil for this area as I intend grass seeding it. If you have any or know where I can get some without been ripped off please drop me a line. Oh, also after a wheelbarrow as mine collapsed after nine hrs use yesterday ?, if you have one for sale please get in touch, I live in the S12 area?. ---------- Post added 18-05-2016 at 05:43 ---------- Some interest group this is, what's the point if when you ask for advice on one bothers the reply?.
  8. Hi, will it be ok to lay a patch of grass seed lawn?
  9. Scunthorpe, Scotter, Southey, Low Edges, Charnock ☺
  10. Chaps, thanks for the comments, one last question please. I have a bag of expander pellets, never used before and don't own a pump, they were in some gear I bought off an old chap. Can I use expander pellets for paste, would I need to soak in boiling water then add any additions (gelatine, chilli or other flavours ), thanks in advance. I had an operation this week which is leaving me off work for around 5 weeks so when I feel a little better I am going to start experimenting maki g up some different pastes and if they look OK I may try a session down Charnock or Bradley's
  11. Anyone made paste using pellet, ground bait adding salt and yeast?, saw a you tube video showing this but adding yeast was not explained, assume it acts as a binding agent
  12. My best friend is getting we'd a week on Saturday. I was to be best man but called into hospital at short notice for surgery. I want to take 3 or 4 very short video clips using my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 showing messages of support from me as I can't be there. My question is how can I put the clips into just one which then can be played back via a USB on a TV or laptop?. Am not a young chap, can do the filming and can manage to put them all onto a USB but rather someone clicking on 3 or 4 short clips is there a way I can merge them into one clip that can play for a couple of minutes or so?. Any advice would be very welcome. I will have the clips by Friday and need to try and sort by Sunday this week?. Thanks in advance, Andy ---------- Post added 13-04-2016 at 19:22 ---------- Oh, am under the knife Tuesday and out the picture for a couple of months
  13. Gelatine?, interesting, does this act as a binding agent?
  14. Hi, yes, people can bring careers, ring the Lifewise999 reception to book in, transport provided for groups if 8 or more. 01709 832455 Andy
  15. Thanks for the reply, already got some Belachan, will grate as suggested, will also try that anchovies stuff, cheers for the tip
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