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  1. I’m looking for an artist who can do some wall art on my newly rendered house. We still have the scaffolding and have a lovely gable end for someone to do do there magic. Maybe a climbing rose or something pretty. I’m open to suggestions.
  2. Hi I’m looking for a pair of young racing pigeons to help my lad get into the hobby. I used to keep pigeons about ten years ago and have just completed my small loft. I’m wanting young birds as they will be easy to settle. Does anyone have any or do you know of anyone who keeps racing pigeons. Text or call on 07801353776
  3. Looking for someone who would like to share my allotment on archer lane. Lovely plot well worked on. Call me on 07801353776
  4. I’m looking for someone who can supply and install some steel security fencing (the green fence you see in schools and sports grounds) to create a chicken run. 4m x 2m with a door. If anyone knows of anyone who can do this please pm me. I’m based in Sheffield just off Abbeydale. — looking for recommendations. 07801 353776
  5. I loved the way Toby used to pull people apart on the radio putting words in people's mouths and then cut them off before they had time to respond. He's so funny. It's so obvious he didnt like the Roma community and used to slate them left right and centre, come to think of it he hammered the Asians at every opportunity he got. He was never ever impartial but was funny and made the listeners believe his point of view to get the listeners to call in and rant. He was never fair but was funny to listen too!
  6. Hi can anyone help I need a sump pump installing in my basement I've got all the bits needed for the pump, what tradesman do I need? Is it a general builder or plumber or drains/ ground specialist?
  7. What areas will you be covering, I could be interested if it targets S7, S11, S17
  8. I've got a lovely allotment on archer lane which is a little big for me so I'm looking to share it. £80 per year shared between two so £40 each. Reply if you are interested
  9. Can anyone recommend someone to do this, I'd say it's a days job for two people.
  10. I've recently bought some railway sleepers to create a retaining wall, 3 wide X 3 high, what should I use to tie them in to each other. Can anyone recommend someone who can give me some advice on how best to position them. I would like to get this project done ASAP before winter sets in. 07801353776
  11. I'm sure I could do the Windows it's the door I'm a little worried about and wanted a professional to do it.
  12. Do you have to have your windows and doors fitted from the company who supplies them or can anyone fit them. I've just purchased 3 windows and a door for an out house/ garage and the company I've got them from want more than the windows themselves to fit them. Can I go elsewhere?? They are being delivered this Friday.
  13. Fibreglass roofs looks like a two person job, I think I might get the professionals in. The cost of the kit coupled with me taking twice as long as someone who has done it before make economical sense to get a roofer in.
  14. Is it easy to fibreglass a garage roof, I've put new roof on my garage with OSB board and was going to felt it. But I like the look of fibreglass roofs. Any advice or help would be appreciated.
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