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  1. This is a blast from the past. It would be interesting to know what paths were taken or given, for me, its been 40 years this year for me. I did a foundry apprenticeship for 4 years then drove lorries since 1986. Semi - retired now.
  2. hi all,semi retired, fancy moving to east coast and buying a mobile home /van ,any tips on how to go about it and getting temp work etc, cheers.
  3. again, only asking to get a backgound of posters. me, just a part time recyling operative.
  4. what do forum users do for a living, short and sweet!
  5. Cheers joey crew.,all it seems to do is play a different note on each drum pad. I just want the timing to be in sync with the up -down arpeggiator, do I need a sync box? It's all a bit new to me.
  6. Hi, I'm trying to play an up down arppegiator beat from alesis sr16 to a synthesizer but without success. Have tried master,slave and now very Frustrated! Any tips? Cheers.
  7. Congrats to cal crutchlow,first win in premier class for 35 years,although synchronised chess comes first on the News!
  8. Looking for security cameras to be fitted,can anyone recommend someone who is reliable and reasonable, cheers!
  9. come on then malc tell us all what you do for a living and we can all hold you in judgement. ---------- Post added 22-11-2015 at 16:49 ---------- be very careful stu, your previous posts may come back and bite you.
  10. Germany ring fenced, Italy the same, eu. we are all the same my a...e!
  11. what about the women in the smarties ad with the Chippendales blokes, nobody gives a ;;;;.to many do-gooders who need to get on with there own lives instead of scoring political points.
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