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  1. Lowedges is fine .close to many amenities .reeny is on greenhill
  2. http:// https://petition.parliament.uk/signatures/3819031/verify/DwEmLjqbiHl5kK7T7RM
  3. Person what messaged me could u get in touch many thanx x
  4. Hello if any 1 can advise plz .my laptop us an Asus bought in November last year .some how when I browse the screen is black no colour tried most things .also sites I browse r not in format. Grateful any help lyn
  5. Good ppl great,staff .no trouble, 80s90s try it x
  6. Good tunes all ages late late bar
  7. hello is anyone going to the sheffield town hall tommorow at 12 ?
  8. thankyou for replying, the said firm has been tacken to court before, last time they represented themselves and lost, saying they had cigerette breaks etc only asked for what i worked, contract i did not sign 12 week period of trial then just carried on with no mention. they said my work load was to heavy thus not tacking holiday pay, and my manger said they would be carried over now denying, and director says i should had had it written confermation saying so
  9. have recently left my job,and did not serve my notice due to confidentuality my ex boss has refused to pay me the days i worked, having said it cost him overtime to cover my contracts, of which we were on sallary to 30 hours per week and worked many more hours without overtime. he states he had to pay overtime to cover , as i said the other staff were also on either 30 hours or 35. i did not take my holiday pay as from august till february as i was assured they would be carried over via my manager. i have written to the company asking for monies owed to myself and they are refusing to pay me, i did not sign any contract, feel i have been let down, i had no time of or lateness prior to leaving hope someone can help , i have been to the cab thankyou next steps please ?
  10. hi has any one worked for this company
  11. :huh:where 2 go :help:best places etc around s8
  12. hi does anyone know where i can get 1q from , its not a new laptop just any info where to buy 1 many thanx
  13. no he was on lane top with his father harry drank in the park hotel thank u for replying
  14. still wanting any info please he is 42 thank u
  15. hi anyone know the area its limpsfield road s9 thinking of renting there would appreciate any views area, etc thank you:help:
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