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  1. Hi, Not sure if you still need a tutor, but I found these in S8: Anne Sheehan Music School Ltd (based on Abbey Lane) http://www.sheffieldhelpyourself.org.uk/full_search_new.asp?group=19937 or http://www.musiclessonssheffield.co.uk Eost, Mr A J (based on Crawford Road) http://www.sheffieldhelpyourself.org.uk/full_search_new.asp?group=17821 Hope that helps. Ann
  2. Hi, Given the comments here, I'm not sure if a tutor is still needed, but here are a couple: Anne Sheehan Music School Ltd http://www.sheffieldhelpyourself.org.uk/full_search_new.asp?group=19937 or http://www.musiclessonssheffield.co.uk Glover, Paul http://www.sheffieldhelpyourself.org.uk/full_search_new.asp?group=23825 or http://www.banjotutor.moonfruit.com Hope this helps. Ann
  3. This might be a bit of a long shot, but does anyone know if the classes at Middlewood Dance and Theatre School are still running? Thanks in advance, Ann
  4. Hi CK, I've had a look for groups specifically in Woodhouse and I couldn't see any unfortunately. The closest one I could find is a craft group (which includes knitting among the other crafts they do) in Handsworth, based at Handsworth Parish Centre, S12 9BZ. I'm not sure if that will be too far, but the details are below: http://www.sheffieldhelpyourself.org.uk/full_search_new.asp?group=23680 The only other thing I can suggest is seeing if the U3A have any knitting groups in that area. I'm not sure if this will be appropriate for your friend, but it might be worth a try. Their website is: http://www.sheffieldu3a.org.uk and the contact details we have are available here: http://www.sheffieldhelpyourself.org.uk/full_search_new.asp?group=20521 Hope that helps, Ann
  5. Hi Jen, I think you've probably got enough offers and suggestions in this forum already, but just in case you're keen for more you could check here: http://www.sheffieldhelpyourself.org.uk/keyword_search.asp?keyword=CRAFTS I realise there are ~70 organisations listed and not all of them might be relevant, but hopefully the descriptions should allow you to narrow it down. Hope it helps, Ann P.S., if we're missing any, please let us know. It's free to be included.
  6. Hi, We have various bowling clubs on our database and website, and these include crown green bowling. They can be found here: http://www.sheffieldhelpyourself.org.uk/keyword_search.asp?keyword=BOWLING. In addition, the Sheffield and Hallamshire Crown Green Bowling Association might be a good place to try. Their website is: http://www.sheffieldcrowngreenbowling.com/ Hope that helps, Ann
  7. I want a composite front door fitting. Can anyone recommend a reputable company please?
  8. Hi there, I was wondering if you'd like to promote your group on our community database and website. We have a list of knitting and craft groups in Sheffield and it would be fab if we could add you to the list (no charge). If you're interested, please get in touch, either via PM or by replying to this thread. Many thanks in advance, Ann
  9. Dear samoo, You could try searching the Help Yourself database to find a guitar tutor: http://www.sheffieldhelpyourself.org.uk/keyword_search.asp?keyword=GUITAR+TUTOR&submit3=Search. The search includes all areas of Sheffield as the tutor might be able to travel to you. We've tried to indicate in the description whether this is possible, but feel free to contact them to find out more details. Hope this helps. Good luck, Ann
  10. Dear RyoHazuki, If you're still looking for a guitar tutor, you could try searching on the Help Yourself website: http://www.sheffieldhelpyourself.org.uk/keyword_search.asp?keyword=GUITAR+TUTOR&submit3=Search. Good luck, Ann
  11. You might want to contact Activity Sheffield- 0114 273 4266 or search their online database http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/out--about/lleisure-services---activity-sheffield
  12. Here's some from our website- MUM AND BABY YOGA AND MASSAGE CLASSES Yoga classes for pregnant women and mothers and babies. Teacher is a qualified pregnancy, post natal and baby massage teacher. Local Website http://www.pregnantyogini.com Contact Details Address: Contact by telephone Contact Name: Nicola Harpin Mobile: 07739 490143 Email: pregnantyogini@hotmail.com Service/Activity Details Yoga Shala Sheffield 224-230 London Road Sheffield South Yorkshire S2 4LW Days and Times: Tues at 11am-12.30pm (mum and baby yoga), 6-7.30pm & 7.45-9.15pm (pregnancy yoga), Wed 2-3pm (post natal yoga class for mum's with babies attending) Record last Amended 30/06/2010 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHEFFIELD YOGA SCHOOL - YOGA FOR PREGNANCY Yoga classes for pregnant women. Local Website http://www.sheffieldyogaschool.co.uk Contact Details Address: 16 Robertson Drive Sheffield South Yorkshire S6 5DY Contact Name: Hannah Penn/Chris Noon Telephone 1: 0114 233 8340 Email: info@sheffieldyogaschool.co.uk Service/Activity Details Ebenezer Methodist Church Greenhow Street Sheffield South Yorkshire S6 3TN Days and Times: Tues 10am-12noon, Thurs 7.45-9.30pm Record last Amended 09/09/2009 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YOGA FOR PREGNANCY Offers 2 hour sessions, including 1 1/2 hour yoga-based exercise and relaxation followed by tea and biscuits and a time to talk to other pregnant women. Qualified active birth teacher and childbirth educator. All classes must be pre-booked. Early booking is advised. Suitable for women over 16 weeks pregnant. Birth preparation workshops available for pregnant women and their birthing partners. Baby massage and post natal yoga 6-week courses also available. See website for details. Further information regarding pregnancy and childbirth can be found on the website http://www.sheffieldchoicesinchildbirth.com. Self or any referral. Local Website http://www.yogabirthsheffield.co.uk Contact Details Address: Please contact for details Contact Name: Olivia Lester/Lesa Appleyard Telephone 1: 0114 267 8948 Telephone 1 Details: Olivia Lester Mobile: 07842 849285 Email: info@yogabirthsheffield.co.uk Email: olivia.lester@virgin.net Service/Activity Details Riverdale 89 Graham Road Sheffield South Yorkshire S10 3GP Days and Times: Wed 12.30-2.30pm (baby massage/post natal courses), Thurs 1-3pm & 7.30-9.30pm (pregnancy yoga/active birth) Record last Amended 20/10/2009 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YOGA FOR PREGNANCY AND CHILDBIRTH Teaches breathing techniques to facilitate greater control of the breath during labour, to relax, feel energised, increase flexibility and well-being in body, mind and spirit. Contact Details Address: Please contact for details Contact Name: Pamela Mathieson Telephone 1: 0114 230 4111 Telephone 1 Details: and answerphone Mobile: 07802 705380 Email: pam.mathieson@btinternet.com Service/Activity Details Early Days Children's Centre 71 Palgrave Road Sheffield South Yorkshire S5 8GS Days and Times: Thurs 2.30-3.45pm Contact Name: Ruth Simpson, Midwife Telephone 1: 0114 250 3060 Record last Amended 07/09/2009
  13. Here are the S8 Yoga results from our website- HATHA YOGA - CLASSES Description Hatha yoga incorporates postures, breathing techniques and relaxation. Small friendly classes led by British Wheel of Yoga qualified teacher. Classes held in Woodseats and Ranmoor. Contact Details Address: Please contact for details Contact Name: Wendy Mustill Telephone 1: 0114 274 8276 Telephone 1 Details: and answerphone Mobile: 07929 360166 Email: wmustill@aol.com Service/Activity Details Please contact for details Days and Times: Tues 7.45-9.15pm, Thurs 6.30-8pm Record last Amended 11/05/2010 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LOWEDGES YOGA GROUP Description Friendly, sociable and enjoyable group that caters for men and women aged 19 years and over from the Lowedges Estate and surrounding areas. Contact Details Address: Low Edges Community and Safety Forum The Resource and Information Centre 33 Toppham Way Sheffield South Yorkshire S8 7NX Contact Name: Gill Dyal, Administrator Telephone 1: 0114 237 8553 Telephone 1 Details: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, and answerphone Email: learning@lowedgesforum.co.uk Service/Activity Details: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Service/Activity Details Greenhill/Bradway Youth Centre Gresley Road Sheffield South Yorkshire S8 7HL Days and Times: Tues 7-8.30pm Record last Amended 04/06/2010 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PILATES AND YOGA - GRAVES TENNIS AND LEISURE CENTRE Description Fitness yoga and pilates classes. Local Website http://www.gravestennisleisure.co.uk Contact Details Address: Bochum Parkway Sheffield South Yorkshire S8 8JR Contact Name: Julie Francis, Fitness Manager/Mark Cowen, Manager Telephone 1: 0114 283 9500 Telephone 2: 0114 283 9900 Email: j.francis@gravestenniscentre.co.uk Email: m.cowen@gravestenniscentre.co.uk Service/Activity Details: Various times, please contact for details Record last Amended 13/05/2010 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YOGA - BUTTERFLY STUDIO Description Small fitness studio holding yoga, pilates and fitness classes. Local Website http://www.butterflyfitnessstudio.com Contact Details Address: Please contact for details Contact Name: Eve Webster Mobile: 07977 135870 Email: mail@butterflyfitnessstudio.com Service/Activity Details Unit 18 Gordon Works Valley Road Sheffield South Yorkshire S8 9FT Days and Times: Mon 7-8.30pm (Kundalini yoga), 8-9.30pm (Ashtanga yoga), Thurs 8-8.45pm Record last Amended 25/05/2010 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YOGA - ST PAULS Description Member of the British Wheel of Yoga. An holistic form of exercise which balances and harmonises the major muscles, joints and major systems in the body. The class consists of Asanas (physical exercise), breathing work, meditation and concentration work followed by a relaxation. Local Website http://www.yogaindronfield.co.uk Contact Details Address: Please contact for details Telephone 1: 0114 289 9200 Mobile: 07793 607197 Email: yolande.swift@hotmail.co.uk Service/Activity Details St Pauls Church and Centre Norton Lees Lane Sheffield South Yorkshire S8 9BD Days and Times: Wed 6-7.30pm Contact Name: Cathy Lee, Centre Manager Telephone 1: 0114 255 0144 Record last Amended 25/05/2010
  14. Here's our S6 lot- Organisation Name HILLSBOROUGH LEISURE CENTRE - YOGA AND PILATES Description Mind, body and soul fitness classes, which include pilates, physical yoga and hatha yoga. Taught by qualified tutors from the British Wheel of Yoga. Local Website http://www.hillsboroughlc.co.uk Contact Details Address: Hillsborough Leisure Centre Beulah Road Sheffield South Yorkshire S6 2AN Contact Name: Reception Telephone 1: 0114 231 2233 Telephone 1 Details: Reception Telephone 2: 0114 231 8116 Telephone 2 Details: Group Fitness Co-ordinator Fax: 0114 231 8149 Email: enquiries@hillsboroughlc.co.uk Email: ma.barker@hillsboroughlc.co.uk Service/Activity Details: Mon 10.15-11am (pilates), Tues 8-8.45pm (pilates), Wed 1.30-2.30pm (pilates), 8-9.30pm (yoga), Thurs 10.15-11am (pilates), Fri 11am-12.15pm (yoga), 6.30-7.30pm (pilates), Sun 10-11am (tai chi yoga) Record last Amended 16/06/2010 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Organisation Name PILATES - FITNESS FIRST HEALTH CLUB Description Open to non-members. Local Website http://www.fitnessfirst.co.uk Contact Details Address: 43 Penistone Road North Sheffield South Yorkshire S6 1LP Contact Name: Reception Telephone 1: 0114 233 6222 Fax: 0114 233 6333 Email: sheffield@fitnessfirst.com Service/Activity Details: Mon-Fri 6.30am-10pm, Sat & Sun 8am-8pm (openiing times), Tues 10-11am, 7.35-8.20pm, Wed 10-11am (beginners), Fri 9-10am Record last Amended 25/05/2010 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Organisation Name PILATES AND ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE BASED WORKOUT WITH RELAXATION - MEMORIAL HALL, HILLSBOROUGH Alternative Name CHANGES Description Provides a complete physical programme for suppleness and strength catered to each individual within a class format. Quietens the mind by concentration on the body. Body and soul benefits. Contact Details Address: Please contact for details Contact Name: Nina Jolley, Teacher Telephone 1: 0114 288 3886 Telephone 1 Details: and answerphone Mobile: 07796 851066 Service/Activity Details Forbes Road Sheffield South Yorkshire S6 2NW (Please click on the postcode link to view location on Multimap) Days and Times: Thurs 8.30-9.30pm Second Contact Contact Name: Lara Jolley Telephone 1: 0114 288 5829 Mobile: 07736 902030 Record last Amended 21/05/2009 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Organisation Name YOGA - WISEWOOD SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY SPORTS CENTRE Description Yoga and pilates classes for adults. Local Website http://www.wisewood.sheffield.sch.uk Contact Details Address: Laird Road Sheffield South Yorkshire S6 4BH Contact Name: Maggie Birt/Julie Eborall Telephone 1: 0114 233 5457 Telephone 2: 0114 233 5184 Email: maggie.birt@sheffield.gov.uk Email: jeborall@sportscollege.co.uk Service/Activity Details: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (office times, Mon 6-6.45pm (pilates), Thurs 7-8pm (yoga) Record last Amended 13/05/2010 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Organisation Name ZEST - PILATES AND YOGA Description Pilates and yoga classes that concentrate on the mind and soul. Local Website http://www.zestcommunity.co.uk Contact Details Address: 18 Upperthorpe Sheffield South Yorkshire S6 3NA Disabled Access Details: Further Access Details: Lift Contact Name: Reception Telephone 1: 0114 270 2040 Service/Activity Details: Mon 10.30-11.30am (beginners yoga), 7.15-8.15pm (yoga), Tues 10.30-11.30am (beginners pilates), 11.30am-1pm (improver pilates) Record last Amended 19/05/2010
  15. Here's a few more suggestions from our website- COLLINGWOOD, MRS Description Mrs Collingwood provides piano/keyboard lessons. All levels and ages, from complete beginners to professional level. Preparation for exams, grades etc. Qualifications - BMus (Hons), RNCM, MMus GSMD. Contact Details Telephone 1: 0114 230 9665 Mobile: 07968 175457 Email: zzinaida@hotmail.com Record last Amended 23/03/2010 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHARPE, MR IAN C Mr Ian Sharpe is a tutor for piano to Diploma Level, accordion and electronic keyboard for pupils aged 6 years and over. Teaches the Jazz syllabus to Grade 5 (ABRSM). Also available as an accompanist. Tuition may be available at pupil's home by arrangement. Qualifications - DipMus, ARMCM. Contact Details Address: 27 Ringstead Crescent Sheffield South Yorkshire S10 5SG Telephone 1: 0114 266 4292 Mobile: 07504 343032 Email: mozarts@talktalk.net Record last Amended 16/02/2010 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WALSH, REV SARAH Reverend Sarah Walsh tutors in pianoforte and theory of music. Enters pupils for all graded exams. All ages taught, lessons catered to individual needs with emphasis on enjoyment and creativity. Qualifications - CT (ABRSM), LLCM (TD), Member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians. Contact Details Address: Please contact for details Telephone 1: 0114 268 2824 Mobile: 07809 430967 Record last Amended 17/02/2010
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