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  1. Does anyone know what the new buildings are going to be near the entrance to Drake House Retail Park
  2. Thank you, looks like we are not going to Starve!
  3. Does anyone know what the new building is going to be.?
  4. Hi Ladies, Just to let everyone know, Zumba classes are starting again Tuesday 5th Jan at St Mary's Church Rectory 10 am -11am. Very friendly class, all levels of fitness accepted, beginners always welcome. It's a great way to get fit through dance, with lots of lovely music. Run by Activity Sheffield £3.50 per session.
  5. Well said Shefftown I completely agree, it was my mother who was mugged on Boxing Day, if the mugger was white I would have stated that, if he was black, Asian or Chinese I would do the same, facts are facts. You can't catch offenders without a description.
  6. You wouldn't be saying that if it was your mother who was mugged!!
  7. Yes that's the one ---------- Post added 27-12-2014 at 18:49 ---------- Thanks, she's quite shaken up by it
  8. It really is time to do something about this once decent area. My mum was mugged yesterday about 1pm going up the path by the side of Firth Park library. Two youths who were maybe Romanian, Slovakian or Kosovan asked if she needed help with her shopping, she politely said no thank you. The next thing they snatched her bag containing Christmas money, bank cards, keys and most upsetting was the loss of photos of the grandchildren as toddlers. One was about 17, the other about 13. Why do we let these scumbag thieving parasites in to this country, they are just taking over and making decent folks life a misery.
  9. Does anyone know the going rate for a taxi from Sheffield to Manchester Airport and back ? It would be for 2 people so a minibus is not required, just a normal car.
  10. theres a fantastic carboot tomorrow and every sunday at barnsley market, starts at 7 am i think, {its where the outdoor market is}, they let sellers use the outside stalls £10 which includes lighting and cover.
  11. The point I am trying to make is, by the time you have put your shopping back in to the trolley then have to pack it again into bags you are not really saving any time, it just gets you out of a queue therefore making you think it is a quicker service.
  12. Is it just me or does anyone else hate the way aldi checkout staff rush your shopping through ? there is no need to do it so quickly, I always try to put my purchases straight into carrier bags in the trolley and I am not slow. When staff tell me to put my shopping back in the trolley and then repack over on the shelf I always contest it and they say its our policy ! But its MY shopping. I suppose they want to do it as fast as they can so others are not waiting as long but surely everyone expects to wait for a while, its a supermarket afterall.
  13. Omg, I can't believe how miserable some of you are, it's only one day, why not just celebrate and forget the troubles we all have just for a few hours. It's times like this when the country should unite as one.
  14. I heard that the UK is not having many street parties for the Royal Wedding, are there any in Sheffield ?
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