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  1. The little road that dips down into dore village is called cross lane then you come back up onto the main road via limb lane. I hadn't realised there was this little detour until my first time doing this route last year...did a practice run again last weekend-its an easy detour, mainly downhill then flat then slight incline up limb lane. good luck!
  2. Hi! Can anyone recommend anyone who can do a simple landlords tax return for one property? I am super organised and all my paperwork/expenses/receipts are logged and organised. If it wasn't for my mortal fear of HMRC I'd have a go myself...a relative has done the last 2 for me but she's emigrated. Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks for getting back to me, will certainly look in the classifieds. We like the pole at Dunelm, just not the fitting price! Will also check out that ebay store-cheers!
  4. Hi, We are wanting to put brushed steel tubular curtain pole in our bay window but neither myself or my other half are very handy....we saw an ideal one at Dunelm but they've quoted a few hundred quid to come out and fit it! Anyone know of anyone else a bit cheaper.... Thanks in advance
  5. Does anyone know when/where these will be posted? I remember getting a text of my result last year which was useful!
  6. Can anyone reccomend a sheffield based mens suit hire company for our wedding in september? Cheers
  7. I have lived in Deepcar near the golf course all my life and like anywhere it has its ups and downs. Positives-beautiful country side, clean, very little crime/noise pollution, excellent schools-particularly stocksbridge high school- friendly people with a good sense of community, though it can be difficult for newcomers to fathom. Negatives. Far out-expect to pay up to twenty quid in a taxi from town (public transport has improved with the intro of supertram link busses and should improve further due to the redevelopment of stocksbridge and new houses in deepcar) Also gets cut off quickly in snow but manageable for 2-3 days a year we get it bad. Going out-not great! The local pubs are full of youngsters and older patrons can appear clicky. I'd ignore the comments about "local siege mentality". Yes its a small community on the outskirts of sheffeld, and village life is not everyone-but you could say the same about any of the surrounding villages-high green, wortley, penistone etc. Your never going to get to that sense of being annonymous unless you live in-or near to-the city centre. The jokes about interbreeding are dated and frankly, getting boring now... My partner and I also own a property in s11 and so spend weekends there for the social side..but we always look forward to coming back to the peace and quiet. My advice is, come have and a look-take a walk around the common or up to bolsterstone, have a pint and some lunch in the castle pub and make your own mind up-ALL areas have there good and bad points
  8. Can anyone recommed where to get a photo made into a canvas? Willing to pay a bit more for good quality
  9. I ran in the pink wave and was one of the last to start. Found it difficult to get a good start speed up due to bottle necking of slower runners which was frustrating. Finished in 54.09 which i was pleased with for my first ever race! Definatley want to start further forward next time, I could have easily shaved a couple of minutes off if i hadnt had such a slow start
  10. ASAP digital print at 100 Little London Road are brilliant. And Mark, the director is a complete fitty!
  11. I agree! Went there on saturday. Both me and my partner had fishcake to start with. It consited of 2 small discs of pototo with tiny amount of fish in the middle, encased in greasy batter. The accompanying sauce was tasteless. For mains we both opted for steak and chips-the steak was as tough as leather despite being rare and my 3 chips were soggy and cold. My partner was lucky enough to receive 5 chips-obviously a bit of favouritism there! Service was adequate but not brilliant. A shame too as my first visit to the restaurant 2 years ago was great. We wont be going back.
  12. I just dont agree with mass medication via a natural resource supply..
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