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  1. any suggestions I cant do weekends or travel too far from s2 and have no transport
  2. any update on what its like now or if the party went well? got a nervous 4 year old hoping to go but hates the noises of the ones at runaround where the slide and aliens play a soundtrack, are they ok with parents going on to help kids etc?
  3. thanks everyone. I do normally just use my judgement off google maps but it not being updated since 2011 anything can change, its just because Il have kids with me theyre old enough to not run out though, may give it a go sometime being putting it off for this reason but like you say its not very far saves trekking to Rotherham to get the bus that stops nearer. anyone know if first class it as Sheffield? ---------- Post added 22-08-2016 at 13:49 ---------- I mean can I use a first bus Sheffield ticket? ---------- Post added 22-08-2016 at 13:54 ---------- yeah I noticed the other bus stop but I would first have to get a bus to Rotherham than a long bus ride here on the 19? whereas from Sheffield I can just jump on the x5 which unfortunately doesn't travel in this direction
  4. Hi I was just wondering, I'm not sure if anyone can help I'm researching a trip to the butterfly house in anston? and I don't drive. My bus stops near the cutlers pub and it is not an area I know, I have noticed the road I have to travel on woodsetts road has no path, google maps is 5 years out of date and I was just wondering if anyone could shed light on if its currently ok to walk down here ie amount of traffic space on verge etc its a long way to travel to find I cant get there
  5. Not sure but a hell of a lot of incident support vehicles at east bank rd today could they be easing that way
  6. any opinions? I just got some black pepper cheese off the stall near m and s pure heaven had it on some bread from the large French stall amazing. Not so fussed on the fudge
  7. Hi I have looked at the description of vip screenings online but am looking for real opinions descriptions of the vip experience ifpossible thank you
  8. also getting this at manor top electric turns off for seconds turning off tv
  9. am trying to go swimming for the first time with my toddler daughter just to get her used to the water no lessons no lanes, but I cant get a straight answer from ponds forge. There doesn't seem to be chance to just swim with my daughter. Does anyone know If I could take her in ladies only or disabled friendly? is ladies only lanes? ponds forge just try fobbing me off with hilsborough or weekends - im not free at weekends and has anyone tried deciphering the tram replacement service? I don't often go to hilsborough and can not tell where to get off. Plus add 52 no longer going to hilsborough, the swim session will have finished by the time I get there. sorry slightly fed up. Where I used to swim you turned up anytime and could just swim - lessons were cordoned off much easier
  10. thank you that's great I normally only travel by tram (no good for northern general lol) that's a great help thank you again
  11. ive never been and the hospital sent no advice unlike the last appointment at hallam/childrens ive tried looking it up but wondered what peoples opinions are we will be traveling with a toddler at 8-9am ---------- Post added 20-11-2014 at 15:31 ---------- and that's from the city centre
  12. I need to return an online item do they accept returns on floor level as I know collections are upstairs but I am unable to go upstairs in this store without a lift can anyone help wether I can return at far gate lower level or am I going to have to go to mhall
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