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  1. hi yes new number thanks Danny 07305375670 had issues with other number sorry if tried contacting me
  2. Hi we are a new mobile valet/ cleaning service provided. Pride our selfs on given great service with a professional attitude. We will come to your home or even work place to valet/clean what ever you choose to be cleaned. We do what's most convenient for you. We also offer all cleaning services what ever you want cleaning give us a try. We are transparent and no hidden charges what we quote and agree that will be the price you pay. I want to be the person you call for any cleaning services you require and I’ll give my best and professional service to you. All I ask is you recommend me as new to starting out on myself. Mini valet £15.00 why I build my clientele up Any other cleans please call or msg me what’s app available too thanks Danny 07426587438
  3. Hi would be happy to give you a quote thanks Danny&Donna
  4. Thankyou every one for your comments. Sometimes other people's views help again thankyou I now start my new job on Tuesday again thankyou x
  5. Thanks for reply Mister M. I totally understand what your saying but the job with less stress is my age at 38 this year I'm not getting no younger the job is stress free but hard graft say in two years will the company want a new young lad or will the company go bust as its building trade. I'm my own worst enemy lol should be thinking positive but just don't know what to do. Thanks for advice tho
  6. Hi. Been offerd a new job. But really not sure what to do. My current job I'm a labour good money finished everyday at 3.30 with no weekends the job it's self so laid back. New job is in retail management side little bit more money but more hours but job as security as a big company. Job 1 said his layed back with no stress but at 37 years old can I keep labouring Job 2 I did for 14 years only left due to area manager. Who as now left know the job with my eyes closed and know the job will be there for along time Do I take less stress and shorter hours or good job with good money but more hours I'm really stuck if any one as been in this situation can you please advice me what made you choose thanks for any help. Danny x
  7. Hi My 8 year old needs some help with is training. He just got in a team im doin my best but could do with some extra help any ideas. He trains with team once a week but want him to improve any ideas please.
  8. I think they are owned by kwik fit now. Kwik Fit new owners are buying everything out.
  9. people keep your eye out for these scum:suspect:
  10. hi my honda civic was set a fire last night on raeburn rd gleadless at approx 3am did anybody see or hear anything. or did anybody see kids knockin about that area late last night thanks.
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