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  1. Oh dear, IDS putting his foot in it. Just like DC when he referred to the immigrants as a swarm. The press will be quick to latch onto this one
  2. Actually, no, everybody does not do it. I hope you are proud of yourself RickyM and I hope your employer has seen this
  3. Looking at the practicalities, there are not enough houses, there are not enough school places for the children already in the country, there are not enough hospital beds or care home places for the existing population. How will this be resolved?
  4. As a not long retired NHS employee ( in a position where I gave direct care to patients in a critical setting) can anyone tell me when employees such as me would be given the time to do these classes. During non-existent lunch breaks, which when they did exist are only 30 minutes? At the end of a shift, which should have been 8 hours, but often expanded to 9 or 10, and then I just wanted to go home, sleep and then return next day to do the same again? Sometimes, I didn`t even have time for a loo break! Sorry, but just not practical. It will never work. As for going to work when ill, we could have been half dying and still expected to come in to work
  5. This used to happen in the days of the milkmen who delivered to your door. It`s only become a problem since milk started to be sold in large quantities by supermarkets
  6. The last 3 years has always been held the week before the nationally recognised day
  7. there`s often space on the side roads around Bramall Lane and Go Outdoors on Hill Street, if you get there early enough
  8. Why should a national event be moved to make way for another local celebration. The National Armed Forces Day should be held on the National Day and other local events should move to make way for them.
  9. It`s National Armed Forces Day today, June 27th. Can anyone tell me why Sheffield Armed Forces Day is held the week before the national day?
  10. The cost of getting a taxi on a daily basis is not an option when your child is hospitalised for any length of time, especially if you do not live in Sheffield
  11. There was a good turnout of veterans and cadets for the Armed Forces Day parade on Saturday. However, public attendance was seriously lacking. We were even asked on the tram into town, why were we in uniform and wearing medals, what was happening today. Why am I surprised at the lack of publicity for the event. Nothing in the Star, nothing on Calendar or Look North and nothing on Radio Sheffield. Also, what a shame the Lord Mayor had obviously not even looked at his speech before that morning. Read out in a monotone voice, with a total lack of enthusiasm and compassion, and so quiet that those of us who were stood towards the back of the Peace Gardens could hear nothing but a mumbling. It was obviously not the fault of the PA system, as we could hear the other two speakers loud and clear. It`s such shame that a great day like this can not get the publicity and the audience it deserves.
  12. We go to Crete very regularly. Chilled and laid back places to stay are Paleochora (on the South West coast), accessed via Chania, which in itself is a great place to stay as long as you stay in the old town. Also Rethymno old town is very nice. If you really want to get away from it all, Loutro, or Chora Sfakion on the South West coast are great.You can`t get any of these places on a package, but it`s easy enough to book somewhere online. Ryanair do a good flight into Chania. (It`s a 3 hour bus ride from Iraklion)
  13. We have seen dogs being walked in Hutcliffe Wood, and dog mess at the base of the tree where we commemorate my parents. We have also seen walkers letting their dogs wee on the kerbs where memorial plaques are placed. Sorry to all those responsible dog owners, but I think dogs should not be allowed in these areas as you can`t stop a dog from doing what comes naturally.
  14. It should be the smoker who shouldnt stand next to me. Not the other way round.
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