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  1. Hello, My baby girl is nearly 5 months old and was born with gastroschisis which is an abdominal wall defect causing the intestines to float outside the body. She had to have 4 operations and she was on and off feeds. She now would not take bottles so she is fed via NG tube in hospital and will go home with it. I was wondering how to transition from tube to bottles once we get home. Any experience?
  2. Hello mums, I had my scan on Friday (12week scan) and the radiographer has diagnosed my baby with Gastroschisis. I have been explained what it is and that generally outcomes are positive and there is not much to worry about. I have another scan today with the specialist doctor. I am so worried but also I hope that the other lady is wrong and that my baby is fine. Now my questions are: Is there anybody who gave birth to baby with Gastroschisis? And secondly - could the radiographer be wrong? Any advice would me much appreciated.
  3. So, I have been in touch with the midwife and my first appoitment is next Friaday. Can anybody tell me what to expect on this meeting? Will I have a blood test done? Many thanks
  4. Hello all, I have been previously quite active in this section (trying for baby post). I have been trying with my ex partner for 10 months with no success (now looking back it was probably not a good idea anyway as we split up in the end). Now I am a very happy girlfriend, having a loving partner and last week I found out that I am pregnant ! It wasn't really a surprise for us as we did not use any contraception anyway but obviously kind of a shock but a nice one Now my questions to you are : What next? I went to my GP on Monday and all I had to do was to fill in the short form and I have been informed that the midwife will be in touch within few weeks. Is that normal? I am 6weeks now so not sure when should I be seen and how the meeting looks like. Any kind of information of what will happen next will be much appreciated. Many thanks Tasia
  5. Reason for Rehome / Sale - change of work and no time to look after dog Time Scale – How Urgent? Very urgent Sale Amount - Free Has the Dog been in Rescue No Location Norton S8 Age & Sex Male 4 years Breed/ Mix Chihuahua x jack russel KC Registered No Approximate size very small Exercise Needed 20 minutes walk couple of times a day Neutered & Micro chipped No Vaccinated & Wormed yes Live in / out in Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals No Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues No Temperament Very loving and well behaved Good or Bad with Children Good Dislike of Men or Women No OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals Never lived with dog or cat Travel OK in Car Yes Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time 8 hours Destructive Behaviour No Barks Very rarely Pull on the lead No Crate trained No Housetrained Yes Batman (dog's name) is a lovely dog. He is tiny, white with one ear black and other half black. He has some small black dots. Although he is 4years old he is very lively and still looks like a puppy. The reason why I have to rehome is that me and my partner broke up..and none of us will be able to look after him and give him time and attention that he needs. It is very urgent and I am only looking for loving family to look after him. Message me or tex me 07832359648 and I will happily send photo. General Information you can share about the Dog.
  6. Hello there, I know there already similar posts to mine but could not find the answer to my query. What it is, I have applied for my provisional driving licence online via gov. website. I have filled all the information, paid £50 etc. Since it is all online, you can track the progress of your application and since Tuesday 27.08 it says the same thing, that they have send a confirmation form to my home address and that I need to send it back to DVLA. Well, I have received the form on Saturday 31.08.13, filled it in, signed it and on Monday 2.09 I had a picture taken and posted the form with photo, and my passport (I had to send it since I have Polish passport) using special delivery (again with the facility to track it online). Now normally it should be delivered next day, but mine up to now says that they cannot find my letter, so I rung up royal mail this morning and found out that the letter has actually been delivered on 04.09 (just someone must have forgot to scan the letter :/). Well anyways, now that I am better knowing that it got delivered as I was worried about losing my passport, I have decided to check the progress of my application online and what a surprise- it still says the same thing although it has been two days since it was delivered to them. Just wanted to see if the same happened to anybody else...it may be that they have got it, processed it and posted to my address already but forgot to update the system I don't know but I am just getting impatient as I would like to start my driving lessons asap. Any advice or your experience will be much appreciated.
  7. Something must be going on, my partner has ordered something from Ebay (genuine seller) and we have been waiting for the item for ages and decided to contact the seller who has advised that the item has gone missing after posting it with royal mail but he is happy to send a replacement. So I guess it is royal mail that is responsible for all this. You can't trust or rely on anybody these days.
  8. Just to let you know, it did not work out for me this month Although I was late with my period for so long I started it two weeks ago. I guess it's just my body messing about after coming off pill. Oh well, I am not giving up and will keep on trying (at least this part is fun )
  9. Hello there, Just a bit of an update from my side really. To recap I cam off pills in January and have started to try for baby. My first period was on time, my second was late about 10 days, my last one was strangely on time but now I have been waiting for my period for two weeks. Last week I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative and then the day after when I was peeing, I noticed blood so I thought it was period. Well I used sanitary towels but no more blood has come out on that day or during the night. Then two days later I saw couple of drops of blood but that was it and since then I have not had my period. I took another pg test this morning - negative again. I do not have morning sickness or any symptoms as such.. This is driving me crazy... I don't know if that means pregnancy or is there anything else responsible for this...I do have cramps in my belly like I am about to have period though. I know I am a bit stressed out at the moment for various things and this can probably have an effect on my period being late. Any advise on what should I do?
  10. Thanks to all replies. I am just going crazy not knowing what it is. I bought a clear blue pregnancy test last night, thinking it might be more reliable than those that I used to buy from poundland. I took it this morning, and it would not show me the result, then after a while it said Pregnant 3+ but the result has dissapeared but according to what's written on the packaging it should stay for 24hours. To make sure, I have gone into boots this morning before my work and bought another test like that and took it at work- now it is constantly showing not pregnant. Now it is so strange, don't know whether the morning test has not worked properly or whether second one did not work because it was not my first pee after waking up. I am going to doctors next week anyway but I just can't wait to find out either way. Just another question. If I go to clinic in town, and say that I might be pregnant as my period is 2weeks overdue (It will be next tuesday) will they do a blood test straight away or will I have to be referred and have it done in morning as usual blood tests are carried out? ---------- Post added 07-03-2013 at 14:24 ---------- Hi, ---------- Post added 07-03-2013 at 14:26 ---------- Bad news for me, just started my period this morning I wasn't expecting to get pregnant straight away and I knew that it could take some time for my body to get used to the new situation of being without pills but I just had a hope that since my period is late, it might mean baby oh well...We will keep trying again this month, thank god the trying bit is fun and pleasure hihihi. Any more advice would be appreciated. Good luck to those who are trying for baby like me and to those who are waiting for their little ones to be born.
  11. Well, mine was a bit irregular before started to take pills but was never more than 30/31 days so fairly normal. I can't go to doctors any sooner than next week anyway so will just have to wait and see what happens.
  12. Hello to all current and future mummies As I have mentioned in my last post, me and my partner are trying for Baby Now, I have come off pills begining of January 2013. For the first month, we have not used any contraception but we were very careful I have started my period normally it was 29th January. From my calculations I have started my fertile days on 8th Feb13 and my ovulation was meant to be on the 12th Feb. We have 'worked hard' from 8th till 15th with one or two days without sex but we had sex on 12th. I was meant to come on period last Tuesday 26th, but still no sign of it. I took a test on the day of my expected period, 3 days after and this morning (All negative results) I haven't got any syptomps as such as it might be to early but I have noticed that normally before my period my breast hurts, whereas this time only my nipples are so sensitive I can't even touch them. I have got cramps in my belly, similar to those during period. Also, yesterday I have been really hot, and felt like I am on fire but not checked my temperature but it was definately higher that usual. I wanted to see if any of you had similar situation, being 7 days or more overdue but pg test would be negative? I might be just buying crap tests? (I buy the ones from poundland) but I have also bought one from Tesco, a bit more expensive. I don't want to spend a fortune on those. What else should I do? Shall I wait a bit longer? (I know sometimes after coming off the pills it takes a while for our system to get 'back to normal' so I presume this also may be a reason for my period being late) From what I read, blood test should confirm wheather I am pregnant or not. But I was going to go to the family planning clinic in town center to get checked as well (to make sure everything is ok 'there' and that my baby will be safe ) Would they find out while examining me that I am pregnant? I am soooo happy but also so impatient, I would rather know the TRUTH haha. Any advise or your own story/ experience would be much appreciated.
  13. No it wasn't. The learner driver kept asking what he needs to press everytime someone got on bus.
  14. Hi All, Thank you for replies so far. They are all very helpful. I have another question. It is with regards to see a gyneacologist. As I go back to my country pretty much every year, I go and see doctor there to get checked and I have never been checked by gynaecologist in England. Now I have spoken to few of my friends and they have said that GP is qualified to do the checks ' there'. Anyway, they have always been examined by their GP. What I wanted to know is that : is it always the case? or does it depend on GP. I use Dr Revil in Lowedges by the way. And I am going to see him on Thursday to say I have stopped taking pills and that I will be trying for a baby, I wanted to ask for referral to gyneacologist to make sure everything is ok (I don't know when I am going to visit my home country plus I live here and planning to stay here forever so getting to know doctors is a good idea). Please any info will be appreciated.
  15. As much as I like stagecoach more than first due to different facts, such as they seem to run on time, tickets are a bit cheaper and drivers seem to be a lot nicer, I got very dissapointed this morning when on 79a bus to town. I do appreciate they have to train new drivers somehow and that does not bother me at all, but doing it in morning when majority of people are on their way to work is not a great idea. It took him a lot longer to get to town than normally due to the fact that he wasn't sure how to operate the ticket machine. As I said, I know he is learning and I do appreciate but they should find a system of teaching them how to use those machines before they start driving the bus. I know I might be moaning too much but this is not the first time that I have witnessed this. I don't mind it when I am on my way home (Although I would like to get there quick) but they should avoid doing it in mornings. What do you all think?
  16. Thanks to all replies so far I do appreciate all of them. I forgot to ask one more thing. I have been reading and also been told that sometimes it is very hard to get pregnant after taking contraception pills for a long time when you stop taking them. Some people say different - that it is extremly easy to get pregnant. I just wanted to ask if any of you stopped taking pills and then got pregnant straight away or did you have to wait/ if so how long? I know it's all down to individual but just wanted to see and know what to expect, that's all. I have gone absolutely mad about babies I can talk about it all the time...my friend just had a baby two weeks ago and I just love him he's so adorable (and obviously I know I will have my baby 24h a day not for couple of hours and it is hard work but I am sooo prepared for this! ) and I know I have to wait a bit more but when we do start trying I just don't want to panic if it doesn't work for couple of months, I have heard some people try for years...and I don't want to wait that long, although I do have time..but I guess that when your mind is set on something you just want it sooner rather than later.
  17. Hi to everyone, I must say that I have been following your threads on here and reading all those amazing posts about babies. Before I even start I just wanted to ask people not to post any rude or judgemental comments (unfortunately I have seen too many of those). I believe this website's purpose is to help and support each other. Anyway... I am 23 years old (Female), Me and my partner of 5 years have now started to think about having a baby. I know some people might think it's too early but I just feel that this is the right time. I read posts about how it is like during pregnancy and the actual birth giving but I was wondering if you have any helpful advice about what to do before becoming pregnant and tips that might quicken the process of getting pregnant. I have stopped taking pills, and I want to wait another 6 months for my system to clear before we are going to start trying for baby. I know I should visit doctor and probably get checked to make sure everything is ok with me. But is there anything else I can do i.e. taking vitamins etc? The other two things I want to ask about are: maternity leave, and rough costs of having a baby. With the maternity leave, all I want to know is how it is like when working part time (this is what I do now but I am looking for full time). Can my boss get rid of me when he finds out that I am pregnant or is that against the law? How long do I have to work for the company to get paid when on maternity leave? The next question is about costs: I know it all depends etc. but just wanted to know roughly the prices for prams, beds, car seats etc. Basicaly how much it has cost (like on off cost) when the baby arrived to get all the necessary things for him/her. Obviously I know you have to buy nappies, food, new clothes and toys every now and then. Also, is there a point in buying new pram? are used ones any worse? Please any advise will be much appreciated. Thank to all (hopefully future mum
  18. Hi, I am waiting for the Virgin to install my internet. As it is not a cable area where I live, a phone line has to be installed by BT Openreach team. When I have ordered I have been told it might take 4 - 6 weeks for them to come out. On 16th November I have received text saying an engeener will come out on 18/12/12 so more than a month. When I had a cable internet I went to virgin shop, paid, they gave me router and I had internet same day. This is all down to BT if you need a phone line which is ridiculous. Hope that helped.
  19. My dog had an ear infection before. It started exactly the same as in your case. He was scratching his ear more often and then he was making those noises like it hurt him. Took im to vets straight away and got ear drops to apply for 7 days. He was fine since then. I suggest you go to vet asap. All the best.
  20. Reason for Rehome / Sale : Change in circumstances Time Scale – How Urgent? : Very urgent Sale Amount : Free to good home Has the Dog been in Rescue : No Location : Sheffield, Woodseats Age & Sex : 13 months, Male Breed/ Mix : Jack russel x chihuahua KC Registered : No Approximate size : 40cm high Exercise Needed : play and walks Neutered & Micro chipped: No Vaccinated & Wormed: Yes Live in / out : In Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals : No Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues : No Temperament: Good, very lively Good or Bad with Children : Good Dislike of Men or Women : NA OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals: I dont know Travel OK in Car : Yes Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time : For about 5 - 6 hours Destructive Behaviour : No Barks : Very rarely Pull on the lead : Sometimes Crate trained : No Housetrained : Yes As outlined above I have a small chihuahua x jack russel that needs a good home. My circumstances have changed that's why i have to give him away. He is a very lovely and playful dog and needs lots of attention. He is mainly white with one ear black and the other one black and white, he also has some black spots. He will come with his bed, toys, clothes, lead and collars. I will email picture on request.
  21. No, it's not to benefit me, my dog feels comfortable in them and he's got really short hair so he feels warm in clothes and I only put them on him when we go out. Honestly this forum is meant to be giving advice not telling people what's wrong or right is it?
  22. Hi everyone, I know it may seem daft but I am looking for website or maybe a store with clothing for dogs. I've got a chihuahua cross jack russell and just love to dress him up. I've found many websites but the prices are way to high - I mean I could have a nice top for myself for £18. I tried pets at home but I only found a nice t-shirt and a jumper that was on sale, nothing else apart from rain coats and old fashioned 'blankets' you put on your dog. Please let me know if you know any website or store or perhaps you have something for sale which your dog no longer uses. Thanks Natalia
  23. Hi, I do know puppies should not walk a lot. I said I was out for 2,5 hours but of that he probably walked 40 mins himself. Anyway, I went to my mum's house and he did not do a pee or a poo there either. Then I stayed in our yard as soon as I got back home to make sure he does something eventually but he did not want to do it in the yard either ( he used to do it before though). I hope it will just tick soon.
  24. Hi, I have a 4 months old chihuahua x jack russel puppy. He's doing well on a puppy pad with some minor accidents. He had his vaccinations not long ago so I have just started to take him out. Sometimes he does a pee and a poo outside but sometimes he does not. E.G I took him for a very long walk today...from woodseats right to lowedges and then back...trying to get him on a grass but he prefers pavement. What is worse..for those nearly 2.5 hours of walking he's not done anything but as soon as we got home he went straight onto a pad and did a wee and a poo. How do I get him to do it outside? Thanks for all the responds.
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