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  1. I saw one near howden yesterday looks wonderful private collector £2000 Also has a ha van and a Rover both under 1700
  2. My dog did this but was absolutly fine afterwards. I did have a blood test which revealed a pancreas problem. She died two years later but was 12 then.
  3. Reason for Rehome / Sale My health Time Scale – How Urgent? Soon Sale Amount £200 Has the Dog been in Rescue No Location Rotherham Age & Sex 9 month male Breed/ Mix Border Collie KC Registered Yes Approximate size Average Border Collie size Exercise Needed Gets a lot of exercise an hour a day and ball sessions at home Neutered & Micro chipped chipped Vaccinated & Wormed vaccinated and ormed Live in / out House dog Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals Lives with cats and dog Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues Sensitive Temperament Good or Bad with Children Good Dislike of Men or Women No problems OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals No problems Travel OK in Car Excellent traveller Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time Needs someone home all day Destructive Behaviour Has scratched door when parted Barks No Pull on the lead No Crate trained No Housetrained Yes He is a sensitive boy as I believe collies are. He is a red merle so is striking in looks, very lovely dog but I have Atrial fibrilation and need more treatment as cardioversion has not worked for me. I am increasingly anxious that I am unable to give him what he needs which is not good for my heart. I live at York but visit Rotherham every week as my parents sre there and in ill health themselves. His name is Presley.
  4. I live at Malton north yorkshire. I have recently bought a cat stud chalet and run but it needs to be put up. Everything is here. If you put it up I will look after your cats for your holiday duration. skinnydogs@hotmail.co.uk
  5. I mean am I within the law to park outside that area facing the way of the traffic on that side.
  6. Does anyone know the highway regulation for parking outside the road marked area at the gate of a school. Much appreciated.
  7. I have a female kitten i am at Malton! free to good home only. white and black called Jelly lives with dogs. I recently got her but one of my other cats detests her.
  8. I had one she died age 12. There is a breeder in Nottingham, Liz Jay There is a dog newspaper Our Dogs comes out on fridays, for sale at WH Smith details of all breeds in there.
  9. I have not hand reared before, I got this kitten from a home the other day and its obvious by her size she was still feeding off mum. I am syringe feeding her on baby animal milk we use for lambs. She is about six to seven weeks so old enough for proper food. She is well but needs to move on to food. She is called Maxi and a beautiful tabby girl. I have wormed her.
  10. Ive just seen some on the Linton pet shop in maltons pet board. not kc 375 pounds.
  11. Beautiful. How much will they be?
  12. I just use one of the very large plastic ones. Have done for Vizsla whippet and Rottweiler. You are best sleeping beside the basket to observe for 3 weeks!
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