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  1. Similar post re town hall no flag and saying how disrespectful council are, but flag was there. There or not in barkers pool no disrespect is being shown, it is just morons making a song and dance about nowt. I respect the soldiers that died but reading in to things as though a conscious decision was made is just annoying.
  2. Total and utter farage propaganda bs. The flag is there and summat for nationalistic morons to make up. This hate fueled crap is the norm. I was in town i saw the f in flag
  3. Why a miracle, a small bit of rd often with slow moving traffic coming down from busy shops, baffled why there would be high risk of accidents
  4. People are disgusted at this because it is visible. I would just charge 1.95 to everyone and no one would be disgusted because unseen. I understand the comments but by the original posters logic it is better to secretly charge the higher price to everyone. To be offended is your choice, prefer to be secretly ripped off go there instead. This personally does not bother me but dual prices for beers in pubs does and i just avoid them simple.
  5. No matter how much evidence you give a brexiteer, they will not budge from their position. They will mention the war or something else even more lame. They are delusional and evidence does not work. We will be worse off but they are not bothered in the slightest (they will be when they lose their jobs). What is their plan, they have none. You can easily counter any argument they have with evidence to the contrary but they know better than economists and business leaders, its all project fear, debate is futile. They mention WTO and can be destroyed on what they think we will get, it beggars belief their level of cognitive dissonance. It is a cultural thing in built into them and wasting our time as we are patronising or think they are stupid blah blah blah. If you tell them the grass is green with evidence they will tell you it is blue. Fighting a losing battle it is like discussing religion. All evidence points to us worse off but the man in the street who has not studied economics knows best. Try that next time you need brain surgery, what does that surgeon know. It really is ridiculous and the whole fiasco is costing us billions and <removed> up services ahh well we made our decision.
  6. Get over it, what you appalled at. Was there a statement saying silence no, people were not disrespectful or is it the station is disrespectful. Stay home and get offended in your own house. I am offended you had the nerve to not attend a service of remembrance. I respect what they did of course and so do most people. YOu stayed quiet for two minutes well done and in majority of cases if asked people will observe. This is just one way of respect and some people have their lives now not looking at their watch every 2 minutes
  7. This mayor does not represent me and should not make statements like we do not want Trump here. He would never come here anyway. The people who protest trump make me sick with their hypocrisy. They want democracy 64 million voted for him, they want respect and disrespect him beyond words. Trump was the better of the two candidates although yes the choice was pretty dire. Trump is racist blah blah blah. Multiculturalism is fine but there are limits but any comments and racist card is played.
  8. Anti everything brigade. I have a house in S20 and am happy with fracking. Same people moaning about price of gas. I am sorry but most people just protest for the bloody sake of it and use totally unproven evidence
  9. I hope not the sooner this outdated ideology dies out the better. Everytime someone mentions anything about crimes in the news especially isis there is always the caveat 'this has nothing to do with religion or muslims go off on a tangent avoiding the issue'. All these crimes have everything to do with religion, these people just interpret the fabulous unambiguous word of god differently. To a significant number of muslims (and it is significant) they consider us inferior and not innocent and thereby they can do what they want I know the majority will be good people but Religious interpretation is the root cause of all these evils. Muslims just wash their hands of it and say our book is all about good, murder paedophilia says not. The point is the good interpretation has no divine right and basically implies the books are no more the word of an all seeing all knowing god than father christmas exists. I do not want to get into religious debate because if you could reason with religious people there would be no religious people.
  10. Thanks for the challenge to read a fairy story but I have better things to do, however: Jesus and the Disciples accepted the Old Testament as God's word. They could only do this if they themselves believed that God was not benevolent. They also preached the goodness of God, despite his apparent evil. This is because they, like the writers of the Old Testament, do not care if god is 'good' or 'evil', they merely wish to do its will, in order to get rewards in heaven. The Book of Revelations is the climax and final book of the New Testament, where it is said that God will once again revert to his Old Testament ways... the suffering and pain described in the apocalypse is something that a good god could never let happen. To even believe that God do this is to believe in a monstrous demon of a God.
  11. First of all I never mentioned the New Testament, I was referring to another book which any reasonably intelligent person would have noticed. I have no interest in any religious books but what all religious people do is select the bits they like. Arguing with religious people is a complete waste of my time. If you follow the old testament there really is no hope for you.
  12. Read it yourself, there are numerous examples in the favourite two religious books. Gods kill on a whim. If you cant find anything murderous please get back to me. Oh maybe its just the old testament which I presume we ignore
  13. I too am fed up of these fairy tale believing idiots. Some pick the nice bits from their magic book but why are they so shocked that others believe in the evil parts and act on them.
  14. Why is someone else always to blame. Take responsibility, you drive the car. Good luck with proving its pot holes
  15. Have we really got to this stage, they are little kids and good on the mom for standing up to politically correct idiots. Yes there may be paedophiles in society but people watching little kids play is not a sign you are one, this kind of nonsense is total bull
  16. Religious allegiance is the cause of most conflicts. I cant believe people still believe dark ages drivel. I have given up trying to argue with religious people. They believe in flying horses enough said. We are taught to respect peoples beliefs but we really need to move on its the 21st century.
  17. if I see a fly on my food I don't eat it but I realise this may happen without me knowing on numerous occasions
  18. Which I said was not the case for the thread. Well done you can drive in a straight line. Do you do that round bends as well. Do you keep equidistant from the kerb at all times, no you don't. My point was quite clear people are not robots and move within their lane. When changing gear, turning wipers on etc etc 6 inch left or right can be devastating if someone gets in your lane. People move within there lanes and that was my only point. I am sorry for your accident but if you were a safe distance it wouldn't have happened. Safe distance means able to stop in time safely even if the vehicle in front stops suddenly. You were not a safe distance behind based on speed and yes accidents can happen and easy to misjudge.
  19. One lane is one lane the clue is there. Anyone on a bike who overtakes or undertakes in the same lane is solely responsible (not saying this is the case in this thread) for the risk they take. Within my lane I cannot 100% guarantee I will go in an absolute straight line that is why the lanes are larger than the width of my car. If I move 6 inches to the right but stay in my lane this could easily knock a biker off. Bikes do it on motorways, my responsibility is to stay in my lane, I see the car on the left and on the right. If an idiot biker uses my lane unfortunately the risk is all theirs. Of course at slow speeds they can do what they want to get to the front but again drivers cannot be held responsible for anything if they remain in their lane, assuming no deliberate act is made
  20. Depends which version of the fairy story you believe. The all seeing all knowing entity cant even write an unambiguous book. Its not just religion its power, they are all as bad as each other. I would leave them to it, they are 400 years behind.
  21. Iraq may be better in a sense that there would be less anarchy but is brutal law better. Everywhere would be better without billions of people believing in fairy tales. Religion hasn't got a shred of evidence but billions believe. I despair at the absolutely ridiculous beliefs which they all have. You just couldn't make it up (but they did). Flying horses blah blah blah. No one knows the truth its that simple, there may be a super alien running our lives but the specifics, got to wear this cant eat that is absolute and utter drivel. Its so obvious but getting into debate with religious people is pointless, thousands of fairy tales but only theirs is true. They believe it with all their hearts and its fine but the problem is imposing it on others, the source of most world conflicts.
  22. Most understand filtering and where jams are caused to other roundabouts etc that's fine but the ones who use the lane for one purpose alone not the helping traffic flow. They do it for their own self centred gain nothing else. Anyone who thinks these people are doing it to help traffic flow are deluded. Plenty of time to filter in but right to the front they go, its me, me me arrogant idiots who often cause jams
  23. I personally cant believe that people believe in any religion. I can pick to bits the sheer madness of any religion, more holes than a well used pin cushion. There may be some superior power but one that stops you eating this or that and makes you pray to him with never any response is laughable. Depends on where you were born, tells you you cannot kill and then on a whim kills thousands is a joke beyond belief. This god is all powerful but muslims in recent years appear to do his work, cant he do it himself, is he that useless. He cant even write an unambiguous book, total incompetence. Wake up religion is a joke, lie after lie, unsubstantiated drivel. Dont get me wrong there me be something but gods have come and gone over the centuries. Go to church, mosque its a free country i have different views its that simple. Maybe father christmas does exist or maybe he is like these gods. In answer to the question no it isnt
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