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  1. Jesus says he doesn't have a homeplug network adapter, but if I was to buy one myself, and then bought this off him, what would you reckon I could sell it on for as being complete?
  2. how much are you wanting for it, that is if nothing else is required, maybe someone on here could let you know if any other equipment is required? Let me know and I'll pm you an offer
  3. I worked there when it opened as the New Co-Op Superstore, when it was still part of the SCS, where it is nowadays (not sure if it was a co-op before it became the new Superstore or whether the Co-Op was situated elsewhere) and it was this geezer who opened it back then, that was back in 1987. Dont know if this is who you're thinking of. Jonathon Morris...
  4. I've just has crumpets with melted cheese on top, and a BIG mug of tea, yummy yummy
  5. well, found another one behind the church (bottom of anchor lane, near the Ship Inn, Ingoldmells, down the bottom end) £900, but you have to pay for any electric used. 15p per unit, I think they said (or that might have been the charges for another site!) still looking, (we have to get a 'van first though!!)
  6. Seems it had the wrong Ram installed, my 2 Gig arrived this morning, popped it in, and it booted up ok, got to the post screen, got into Bios, everything seems ok, just need to connect a cdrom or a (dvd rom!) and get a hard drive for it, install an operating system, get a decent graphics card, its only got a MEGA -POOR 32mb one in at the moment, so am now on the lookout for a 512MB PCI-E graphics card! get a new backplate and rear cover back panel slot covers, a decent case to pop it all into, and hey ho, another PC for sale, DUAL CORE!! :hihi: ANYONE ABLE TO HELP ME OUT WITH ANY OF THE ABOVE PARTS?
  7. Hey everyone, , new to THIS group, looking at getting a small caravan sometime this year, just a 2 or 4 birth for me, the missus and our little girl, so fed up now of camping So I am doing some research on sites in either Skeg/Winthorpe (Ingoldmells side), Ingoldmells itself or perhaps a little further out, maybe Chapel, but not so far as Mablethorpe that offer seasonal sitings for tourers, (We would take the caravan down at the start of the season, leave it on site and take it off at the end of the season). Used my old friend Google and emailed around half a dozen or so potential sites, and was wondering if there is anyone in the Group who also does this, or knows of anyone and the sites they use. If so could they pm me a price for the season, must have electric hook-up, and I know some places actually charge for the electric used, and some dont. The site we use now for camping (Skegness Water Leisure Park in Ingoldmells) charge £1250.00 for the season, does anyone know of any cheaper? Drop me a PM, or post on here, and I'll check back every other day to see any responses/reply. Thank you everyone
  8. Update as soon as my Ram comes, just ordered and paid for it about half hour before anywebsite said he had ssome, I wish I'd have known that before, I could have had 3 Gig for less than what I've just forked out for 2! Soon as it come and I've plonked it in, I'll let you'se all know how it goes!!
  9. Great, just what I dont need to hear, anyone got a stick or 2 of PC2 6400 DDR2 800MHz I can use to test it? Dont really want to fork out another £20-£25 on top of what I've already paid out for the MoBo, just to find out its totaly s hagged and of no use. I dont have money to burn ya know!! lol
  10. PC2 -400, Thats what it says on them I have 2x 256 of theses in, are they not the same as DDR2?
  11. Asus P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe Mobo with 2x 256Mb of PC2 400 Sticks, I know the board supports DDR2 800/667/533 Are the 2 sticks of Ram already in (PC2 400's) NOT the same as DDR2 800? Is this what the problem is...?
  12. Tried re-setting Cmos, still no change Cant see any leaking or bulging capacitors, its a nice clean mobo. its a P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe Mobo.
  13. That cant be it as there is no onboard graphics on this mobo.
  14. Bought a Mobo off here yesterday, and asked if it worked ok or if there were any problems with it, and was told it worked fine. Got it home, put it in a nice clean empty case, connected all perpiherals up, and powered it up. Everything seemed ok, little green light on Mobo was on, heat sink and chassis fan running ok, BUT NO POST SCREEN ON BOOT UP, NOTHING ON SCREEN, NO BOOT UP. My first thought was either Graphics card or monitor was iffy. I changed the monitor and connected my monitor, changed over the graphics card from out of my working machine so I knew they were both ok to see if that was the problem Re-connected vga cable, re-booted, still NO POST SCREEN, NO BOOT, nothing on screen. Disconnected all drives one by one to see if it was any of them causing the problem, still had the same outcome, removed the RAM and the Mobo beeped away at me, till I reseated it. I cannot for the life of me, figure it out, so now I am coming to the conclusion I have bought an iffy Mobo. Anyone any ideas as to what i can try? All I get on screen is "No Signal". If I have bought a dodgy mobo, I am gonna be so p i ssed off as I was told it was working.
  15. Anyway, thanks to everyone who did reply, she is now sorted and running smoothly once again. Cheers Mozalan!
  16. Sorted, just need it for my machine, then I shall go shooping on ebay no doubt..........!! do you want me to bring the machine down, you can amaze me with your technologial expertise on thermal heat sink paste application!!
  17. Found my machine has been overheating slightly, so I've decided to give her some basic maintenance, a clean up and a clean out at home, stripped the old girl down to her barebones (OOERRR MISSUS!) gave her a good old clean down and then realised I have no heatsink paste!! Been told by a reliable source (ByteIt!! :hihi:)that Arctic Silver comes highly recommended, (I normally use non Arctic Silver!)but without spending all day on our old friend Google, or waiting forever for it to arrive through the post, I thought I'd buy some locally. So I thought I'd ask my old friends on SheffGoogleForum first! and see if anyone can recommend somewhere I can buy some from TODAY to get her up and running again!! Thanks all you lovely people! (PS I HATE USING LAPTOPS!)
  18. Thanks, but Mozalan has given it the once over and its foooked. Burnt out motherboard thanks to a stray screw that was lodged in there
  19. I'd drop Mozalan a Pm, he's BRILLIANT!! Sorted mine out when i thought it was ready for the bin, and he's a really nice guy too Does a really thorough job and doesn't talk to you like an idiot!! Explains everything he's done in a language you can understand, and not computo-techno babble!!
  20. Tried to do a fresh install, Windows loads in and then then says : Unknown Disk <There is no disk in this drive> Problems with the sata....? Will try and get down later
  21. lYes, its definitely being picked up in Bios
  22. As far as I can tell, its XP Pro with SP2 on it, and had a look in Bios and cant see anything to change from Sata to Legacy dont have anything to download onto, and wouldnt even know what to look for if I had, but thanks for the advice!
  23. Ok, now here's the next problem with it!! Have just got a hard drive for it, that has XP on it, put it in the laptop and all I get is it trying to boot to windows and BSOD. Tried a second hard drive that has vista on it, get the same message. Put in my XP installation disc to try and re-install XP, when it gets to Loading Windows screen, it says there's no drives, now I've done a bit of research and I think my copy of XP doesn't have Sata Controllers on it, (yes, its a Sata H/D, 200GIG) was going to use my Vista upgrade disc after installing XP, but as its only an upgrade, I cant install it on its own. So has anyone got any ideas round this, or an XP with Sata Controllers on or a a Vista Full Installation I can use, using the OEM code on the laptop? :help::help::help:
  24. Thanks, but I've tried all them too, and nothing seems to be able to get me into Bios, which I find quite strange. The only thing I can think of, and its a total stab in the dark, is that there could be a jumper on the Mobo locking me out of Bios? (but I doubt it, I guess i'm just clutching at straws now!!
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