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  1. There is no fibre where I live. As mentioned I have Talk Talk via a telephone line, so need an ASDL router/modem. Any suggestions welcome please/ ---------- Post added 07-02-2017 at 17:15 ---------- I cant get fibre.
  2. I am looking to purchase a new router for use with talk talk via phone line, home use in smallish property. Moderate internet usage via laptops and tablets - 2/3 devices simultaneously and catch up TV, YouTube, Netflicks via smart TV. Old Netgear router doesn't seem to be up to it. Can anybody recommend which router to buy? Thanks
  3. I am also looking for a company to lay new Tarmac on an existing path in south Sheffield. Can anybody recommend suitable companies please?
  4. Beauchief Seniors Golf Society is looking for new members - see www.bsgolfsoc.co.uk
  5. Which company have you booked with - I also need one
  6. We have done the first pass at mobile friendly - taken 8 months to get it to a suitable standard to make live, and it still needs more work. We are going to do another new site shortly www.waleslodges.uk
  7. I am having cavity wall insulation installed by British Gas in less than 2 weeks time. My house was built in 1943. BG intend to install blown mineral wool insulation into the cavity. When I bought the house there was a rising damp problem in one room, and it was discovered that the cavity was filled with sand/rubble bridging the DPC. The ground level outside just here is quite high also, being 1 brick below DPC(not practical to lower). The cavity was opened up and cleared out over a year ago and the damp problem went away, and has stayed away. As agreed with BG, in preparation I have been removing air bricks, so the same ones can be put back(rather than plastic ones). I have noticed that for several of the air bricks, in the area where there was internal rising damp previously, the inside surface of the outer wall is damp(ie inside the cavity), If I put my hand inside the cavity and rub the wall it comes out fairly wet(a couple of places very wet). I suspect its condensation, as the outside wall itself is in good condition. The internal wall looks dry above the DPC(inside the cavity). The bottom of the cavity(inside) is also damp, ie in the footings, but I guess this is to be expected. My concern is that the mineral wool cavity wall insulation will either wick water up from the footings, or cause water to track across from the outer leaf to the inner leaf, and cause a damp problem again. Is it a good idea to continue and have the cavity wall insulation installed? Does anybody have any experience of this? Any advice will be welcome.
  8. Can anybody recommend somebody to repair a uPVC door locking mechanism?
  9. I hired ZAK to do this job. His communication was excellent, turned up on time and did a great job, plus cleaned up and took all the rubbish away. Highly recommended. ps - lesson learned here - hire a proper roofer for a roofing job!!!
  10. Contacted them, came to view, promised to quote and then didn't bother, and also didn't bother to let me know they weren't quoting so wasted 10 days when I could have been talking to a more reliable company.
  11. Hi - I need a good reliable roofer to to sort out a valley gutter that has been poorly installed. Needs stripping off and putting back correctly.Does anybody know a good person/company? S17 area
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