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  1. Just hope Pullis don't come knocking on the door for ye ye don't want defensive play as we had to suffer .Great bloke but his dinosaur tactics are out dated...attack attack attack is needed.. I of course wish ye well this season always do..
  2. Hello....sorry not many posts been in hospital for a two hour plastic surgery recovering slowly walking again.. As for this brucey business think its shocking he can just walk away coz its his hometown...Ashley paid benietez 6mill a year..wants bruce for a mill a year...Clubs bout bankrupt according to a couple of geodie m8s l have with ash the cash buying every business that's going bust just to line his own pockets..Put the money into the damn club that's what benietez wanted ..Do ye think bruce would get it..nope.. Think bruce should have stayed put but that's football for ye... Looking forward to our owls games again hope everything be sorted before the last game at Hillsborough ..no pressure just 4-4..lol..
  3. Tell ye contracts mean nothing nowadays if a manager signs for so many years he should honor the club before he goes. Some just get greedy and want the money..
  4. If he does wont be coming to us woodgates got the job at boro see what happens.
  5. Discontent in the board room to be honest think the blades may have blown it if they dont settle the crap out soon. I think he would say sod it lm off.
  6. Think Downing is past his best but a great workhorse for any team. I thank him for all the years he spent at his home club. I think he should take his managers badges think he may be a good manager one day. Good luck to him
  7. Nah surely not just got promoted unless hes had enough of the hassle in the boardroom. If thats the case boardroom wants culling.
  8. Cant see him leaving unless theres major trouble in the boardroom. Hes a good manager but to be honest l dont like the guy think hes a bit of a hothead. Done well with no money getting the blades where they are now. Papers put out so much bull at this time of the year. Wont believe anything they say just look at our situation. More names been mentioned to take over but most are nt right only rumours.
  9. Always said from bottom 6 down ye there to make the numbers up and to get the odd great result staying there is the priority for most of them.. But its great entertainment while ye there..
  10. Good luck m8 should be a great experience every team should have at least one season playing the big boys
  11. Scrap it we will see what happens think he should concentrate on getting the right manager and new recruits. Met him in the early 90s fine bloke.. But wouldnt it be something if hes right..
  12. Just wish the EFL would do there job if things like this are happening in football
  13. Seems like Steve Gibson is sueing derby that aint going to please there fans if they are caught out and they dont go up cause of the pressure. Be a slap in the face for ol lamps. Cant see it being right to be honest
  14. Celtic might as well play celtic U23s to get a decent game its so one sided that division. Scotland couldnt win a eggcup couple od decent players surrounded by Alloa substitutes lol..
  15. Well was coming theres a few names for the boro job hope its not woody though hes defensive yet again. Me well think lincoln citys manager might want to step up for a challenge. Aitor karanka wants to return but think we cant afford him no money left why l dunno. Nigel Pearson ex boro player might be worth a shot but hes a hothead. So theres a few out there we will see.. One thing l want is a attack minded manager who likes to attack not get one goal and sit back.
  16. As l said hes back home in Bournemouth after talks with gibbo hes not having his contract extended so another hunt goes on 8 full team squads contracts end too so new team hopefully new passion and lets get it on!!
  17. Glad dave took it on l did ok too makes a change.. Roll on 2019/20 The Boro will be back stronger and hopefully more attack minded...Be the same a major clear out heard a rumour that fulham manager Stanislav something like that was spotted at boros training ground hmm wonder if gibbos pulled the plug on TP ..Might be just the normal rumours thats always happening.. Look forward to playing the owls again...
  18. As l said well done to the blades deserved it.. I met 4 ipswich fans at 10am in donny station on saturday hope they enjoyed there long trip but l suppose not tbe result.
  19. Predictions: Aston Villa 1:1 Norwich City Rotherham 1:2 Middlesbrough Sheff Wed 3:1 QPR Stoke City 1:2 Sheff Utd Bristol Rovers 1:1 Barnsley Doncaster 1:1 Coventry City Predictions end:
  20. Congrats to the blades well chuffed for ye bring on the big boys..
  21. Predictions: Middlesbrough 2 Reading 0 Preston 1 Sheff Wed 1 Sheff Utd 3 Ipswich 0 Barnsley 2 Blackpool 0 West Brom 2 Rotherham 0 Oxford United 1 Doncaster 1 Predictions end:
  22. To true m8 unless ye support the top six others are there to make up the numbers but every team deserves a season or two playing the big boys
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