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  1. Think m8 ye may find it's Tuesday as we play Braga on Friday ...
  2. So we play you tomorrow behind closed doors in Portugal four 30mins play so all players can get a run out should be interesting.. Buggar playing in that heat it's bad enough here. Wish ye well guys for coming season 👍
  3. Well never saw that coming Huddersfield manager resigned..
  4. As a neutral l think forest will be to tough on there home patch atmosphere itself will get them over the line. Maybe wrong but l think 2-0 forest. Be watching of course. That first goal is soooooo important you get it and game on they do and be hard evening for ye...
  5. Ye still in it that goal was needed desperately... Next goal in next game has to be yours...👍
  6. Gotta score guys think less than two think it will be difficult Forest will be all over ye like a rash at city ground.. Hope ye don't bottle it.. Be watching .. Good luck..
  7. I don't ... Damnit thought you had it guys to be honest wasn't the best two playoffs canceling ye both out .. Good luck next season guys 👍👍
  8. Please please please win the damn thing 😆
  9. We'll never saw that coming but well done the blades wish ye well.... One depressed smoggie 👍.
  10. Been dreading this weekend l think it's a step to far for us .. But next season l think we will be tough to stop .. My cousin works at times at deepdale and l told her to nobble the goalie 😆...joking !! Can see us winning but utd and Luton will too .. If you do wish ye well in the playoffs guys as l always do... But we will see 👍
  11. Well done guys.. now beat the mackems. .👍
  12. 👍👍 all lm saying dammit 😆. One step to far for us... But ye never know 👍
  13. 36.000 +.... 👍👍👍👍 Well impressed go for it guys you can do it 👍
  14. Now go on and win the playoffs l need the owls Boro fix 😆😆
  15. If blunderland get back into the playoffs there the team to avoid except at the final others on your day you can beat them easily... I predict 1-1 today but have a playoff spot and play the mackems in the final if they make it. Other than that a Yorkshire final against the Millers..
  16. Easy peasy cya in championship again guys 👍
  17. Congrats guys....easy 3pts against Crewe = play off place near enough nailed on 👍..
  18. Always thought you were going to be up there l knew deep down you would do us over.. Still hoping we can get there too... Good luck guys as always. 👍👍 I
  19. Congrats guys 👍. Different class tonight..
  20. Well this is the one l have been looking forward too.. Could be a cracker or a 0-0... Do you think Chris will get a good reception ? Anyway l hope it's a good game and there's no trouble... Enjoy know l will well l hope l will
  21. Only have yeselves to blame if ye don't make the championship now guys . You are playing well most of the time results are good. . Keep it up 👍
  22. Ridiculous 19 players and staff with this damn virus and still they want us to play... ok then get every team with players out to play whatever players they have left. Oh no cancell there's but not ours... So much for a good game tomorrow handing the blades three points instead of producing what should be one of the better games to watch tomorrow... Shocking EFL...
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