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  1. i bought my 12 year old grandson a nikon d3100 easy to use he has had it now since christmas and ive just bought him the tamron 70-300 lens he takes some cracking shots with it , he told me this week end he has now joined the camrea club on his school so looks like he will be moveing up in size soon ouch my bank balance ,,
  2. just a heads up to you all this is today if any body wants to go and see this today then here is the times for it all bbmf 70th anniversary flypast http://www.raf.mod.uk/bbmf/news/index.cfm?storyid=9206E26D-5056-A318-A83F2C332016CE83 Flying Programme for 15 - 19 May 13. http://www.raf.mod.uk Details of the flying programme over the next few days. ---------- Post added 16-05-2013 at 07:53 ---------- Thursday 16 May - Lancaster 1155 - Depart Scampton 1230 - Flypast Cosford 1250 - Flypast Chapel en le Firth 1300 - Flypast Derwent Water 1320 - Flypast Chatsworth House 1345 - Flypast Eyebrook 1410 - Land CGY Thursday 16 May - Spitfire x 2 1240 - Depart CGY 1300 - Flypast Derwent Water 1320 - Flypast Chatsworth House 1345 - Flypast Eyebrook 1400 - Land CGY x 1 Spitfire 1425 - Flypast West Malling 1445 - Land Southend Thursday 16 May - Spitfire 1600 - Depart Southend 1630 - Land CGY Thursday 16 May - Lancaster - Spitfire x 2 1915 - Depart CGY 1930 - Display Scampton 1940 - Land Scampton
  3. not a bad idea http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRQTkOk__48
  4. just seen this on look north BBC Look North (Yorkshire) Clare and Lisa are here with the latest news and weather every 30 minutes until 9am. If you live in Sheffield and want your garden waste taken away, from now on it's going to cost £60. Last year a free green bin service which had operated in part of the city was stopped. Now, a green bag scheme operating elsewhere in Sheffield, has also been scrapped. Residents will now have to pay for fortnightly collections from May to November, or dispose of the waste themselves.
  5. http://www.treetondykeanglingclub.co.uk/#/membership/4571448157
  6. its up for sale so get yer money out lol make loads of money make it bigger
  7. BBC Look North (Yorkshire) Is anyone in Sheffield getting mucky water when they turn on their taps? If so, please can you post a photo or send them to look.north@bbc.co.uk
  8. iam a x miner and i can tell you 1500 would just cover all the pits in uk now as maltby is shutting down , its time arthur used his retirement money to pay for his own place now like the rest have to scrimp and save , iam glad hes lost cause the ladds that have lost there job at maltby need all the money they can get to live on due to this goverment
  9. http://www.southyorks.police.uk/road-traffic-collisions/police-name-18-year-old-man-who-died-great-north-road-collision
  10. http://alderfenfisheries.co.uk/home%20page.html
  11. candy corner doncaster bankend doncaster cnt go wrong on them 2 places
  12. if yu have a car get to bankend or candy corner kids wont go wrong there
  13. its a 6 meter pole xxx strength pole margin
  14. 1 big tip cook hemp out side or yu will stink house out
  15. We all hope every session that taking a trophy shot of our latest catch will something we will have to do. However after running a photo gallery for a local club for a number of years and witnessing on the bank many times, it is clear a lot of anglers do not know how to get a good shot of their capture. Below are a few tips for getting top trophy shots so you are not disappointed. Get a digital camera Probably the most essential piece of modern fishing Photography these days and definitely worth the investment. A good digital camera these days can cost as little as £50 and still take excellent shots. position camera usually on a mini tripod on a bucket or bedchair, this allows correct framing of the shot every time without the need for a bulky full size tripod. Be able to do self take shots Having completed the set-up steps above the biggest aid is having a camera with a self-take infra-red trigger This cut out the problem of holding a fish still for the split second shot on a timer. Hold your fish correctly Out of all the points this one is the most important. I have seen so many people with shots of lovely fish yet they are cuddling and cradling them like a baby. Make sure you have your hands underneath the fish to start, front hand near the pectoral fin just with a finger either side, the other towards the tail. Present the fish with your arms straight out or slightly bent. The fish should be held vertically, if it begins to flap or wiggle immediately roll the fish gentle back onto your resting forearms until it calms down and then pop it back into position again. You can position yourself crouched or on one or two knees its up to you. Try not to hold the fish to far away from you body as this distorts the perspective and makes a fish look bigger than it actual was. With larger fish of the 30lb plus bracket I like to crouch with my knees together and rest my forearms on my legs, this not only presents the fish well but also takes some of the strain of holding the fish off your arms. With just a small amount of preparation you can ensure that when the fish of a lifetime makes an appearance you are ready to record it for posterity.
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