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    I am on the lookout for a black CRT monitor. 16inch minimum screen size Please contact on 07949118044 as I'm not here very often


  2. Billy has always been a class player even when I was at school with him. Always said he wanted to play for United, obviously worked hard and got there.
  3. To free up traffic in the area of overutilization they need to put in more lines to spread it out to ease up congestion. Put it this way, they won't even know when its finished. I remember ringing up one night twice to complain and I got told 2 different dates and information.
  4. Checkout Playtime just past the peace gardens in town. Known those guys since they were Whizz Kids. Great shop and stock.
  5. I'm in S5 and I logged into my virgin media account and it was there to enable the upgrade took about 2 days and it was done
  6. No side loading from my side. Just spoofed my location with a VPN, got it from official store. Easy enough to do then once installed, turn off VPN and play
  7. Been playing since launch but no where near as much. Need to level up more! #teamvalor
  8. Check out getting a Raspberry Pi and RetroPie installed for your nostalgia kick. I've been setting mine up lately and i love the damn thing.
  9. Dunno where this should go on the forum to be honest. I just went to shop to get misen to beers and saw about 30+ kids get off the bus and meet behind the pheasant. Next thing I see a kid runnin for his life and the lot chasing him. What the hell is going on these days. I've rung 101 and reported it weather it will do much good I'm not sure, I don't think they caught that kid luckily.
  10. The cat I posted about a while ago about going missing is deffo going to someones elses house around the Lane Top S5 area. I know this because I put a new collar on him saying please dont feed me and hes come back today with a different collar on. This is him, his name is Tyrion. http://i1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg564/lildopdotcom/IMG-20160107-WA0001_zpsr8xkz3kl.jpg If you see him or are the person keeping him in your house, he isn't yours. Don't entice random cats, it's not fair on the owners. I'm not going to keep him in the house either because its not fair on him when he likes to go outside. He's getting chipped now providing the person who has been keeping my cat hasn't done it already.
  11. My cat is either missing again or the worst I'm thinking is that he is in someones house because over the past couple of months hes come home with a black rubber collar that can be snapped off. I think he's being fed and kept by someone which is obviously not fair. He's not been home for 2 days now. If anyone has seen him around Homestead and that surrounding area, let me know please! Here is a picture of him http://i1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg564/lildopdotcom/IMG-20160107-WA0001_zpsr8xkz3kl.jpg Contact number is 07949118044 ---------- Post added 10-01-2016 at 08:17 ---------- Right this is getting out of hand. One detail I forgot to add is that he comes back with the back of his neck wet smelling like flea stuff, which he doesnt have because i treat him. I just let my other cat out this morning and in 10 minutes she was back which is strange with the same thing. Someone near me is messing with mine and most likely other peoples cats. ---------- Post added 10-01-2016 at 09:49 ---------- Right hes home the fluffy little get! Hes gonna get a telling off then a cuddle
  12. I just had a phonecall, hopefully it's him ---------- Post added 03-02-2015 at 16:53 ---------- It was him. Absolute legend !
  13. Hi to everyone! I haven't been a PC enthusiast for years. My current PC is this; AMD Piledriver Quad Core 3.8ghz 8GB DDR3 RAM AMD 7770hd 2GB 4 hard drives (2tb, 1tb, 600gb, 128gb) 2 USB 3.0 8 USB 2.0 Onboard Realtek 2x DVDRW I was thinking of selling it but not sure how much, don't want to get robbed either. Was thinking of selling to save for a new build or swap for a high end windows tablet? Let me know people
  14. Hi there. My cat went missing yesterday. He usually comes in around 11pm and he didn't I was up till 1am waiting for him. If anyone has seen him contact me on 07949118044 Here is a picture http://i1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg564/lildopdotcom/Mobile%20Uploads/20141119_210256_zps0fbda943.jpg
  15. Hey guys. I am looking to get my hands on a CRT monitor. I emulate games loads and they look so shocking on LCD/LED monitors and TVs. I was wondering if anyone had one or know where I can get one close to me. I live in S5 and don't drive lol! If anyone knows somewhere I can grab one or even have one to give away I will pay petrol money that's not a problem. Obviously needs to be working. I'm not on here very often so if you do know or have one contact me on 07949118044 thanks
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