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  1. my daughter Rachel had a heart murmor diagnosed at her 8wk checkup. Within the year, we were at the operating theatre in the LGI at Leeds. Dr Gibbs was/is her consultant - the facilities there are absolutely superb and the staff are fantastic. Rachel had keyhole surgery to repair the hole - had it been any bigger, she would have needed open heart surgery. As it was, the procedure was over and done with in less than an hour, and she was a totally different baby immediately afterwards - it was as if someone had flicked a switch, she was climbing up the cot 40 mins after the op !
  2. Little one was accidentally "tapped" on the door frame when about 6m old, and more recently was dropped from about 2ft onto grass - scared the willies out of me ! Pinned her down to check her over, all she wanted to do was get up and crawl :-) Seen by hospital recently as routine anyway, all ok and head has fused nicely etc..
  3. Can we have a different "anarchist" thread for conspiracy theorists and generall saddos ? This is a "latest developments" thread, not a "discuss the politics of" thread !
  4. Update: Daughter is at home, apetite intact, cough, sneeze, low-ish "official" temperature, but she tends to run cool anyway. Doctor happy she is not showing enough symptoms, so she's "free to go", and I will be taking her to nursery in the morning. UNLESS she develops other symptoms. Seems this is just a cold.
  5. My 17 month old daughter attends a nursery where there has been one confirmed case. Her potential direct exposure was minimal given the days she attends, but last night we were up for nearly three hours with her, she was coughing, sneezing, and had a temperature. We called NHS direct, who said that she ought to be on tamiflu, especially given her medical history ( which is in the past, not present ). They advised that the local out of hours GP service would call us back. They called back, and went through the symptoms, and advised us to put her on Calpol and some other stuff, and if she gets worse, to call back. We called the doctor this morning to confirm details, and they have put us on a triage list ( as they have 'local' knowledge of our situation ), and should be calling us some time soon. Now - I'm a realist here. At some stage or another, we are ALL going to get this flu - we all know how these things spread - whether it be flu, sickness bug etc.. I know there are risks - we have two members of immediate family who have ongoing chest / lung issues, and to expose these members to Rachel would be risky ( although this may have already happened ). Hence our urge to try and get this either diagnosed officially, or put down to "summer cold" - so that the other members of the family can be prepared. I think keeping everybody indoors is a daft policy, if anything, they ought to be saying to people "if you have a condition in this list... you are advised to stay indoors for the next few weeks" - keep the vulnerable minority protected while this thing quickly runs riot around the rest of us !
  6. Usually always quicker on the motorway, especially going home. The trouble in the morning though, is traffic queueing to get off at J28, which queues half way up tibshelf hill some times, blocking the inside lane, and also, for some reason in the last couple of days ( hasn't happened for a while before that ), the traffic queueing to get off at 26 can be queued all the way back to 27 - better to stick to the other two lanes and get off at 25 in those cases ( which is currently fairly quite in the mornings ).
  7. Depends where you're going. I go 30/29a to 26/25 every day ( work in Beeston ). 29-28 you can skip by turning right and going the back roads accross the top of tibshelf, drop through huthwaite, and past the retail place to 28. 28 to 27, you can go in on the A38, and turn right at annersly fire station, down past the welfare, follow that road accross the motorway, turn left through the houses, right at the end, left and follow that towards 27 ( you double-back a little ), or even follow it to 26 ( past british bakeries ). Mansfield / Hucknall tends to be busy ! THE BEST OPTION is to take the train if your destination is near a well served station !
  8. babies seem to do funny things. our 14m madam has a habit of scratching herself anywhere where there is exposed skin on her body ( not head/hands ) - yet cover it up with clothes and she doesn't even show signs of wanting to scratch. I'd just observe what she's up to, what mood she's in, food, tiredness etc, and see if there is a common element ( just in case you find one... )
  9. Surely you'd slap both boys and girls just as hard ? ( only joking ). Rachel can have some right strops when she wants, and you can tell they're strops because no tears ! No experience of boys, but I would expect both to be just the same, surely ( until the hormones take over... ). Mat.
  10. Don't worry too much. Rachel has been going to nursery for nearly two months now ( she's just turned 1 ) - she cries when I leave her, but it's more of a whinge than a tearful cry ( usually ), and the nursery staff distract her with something and she's off without any problems. When I go to collect her ( unseen ), she's playing hapily away either with others or on her own. When she sees me, she whinges again, and then starts to crawl towards me ( whinging all the time ), until I pick her up. So I think it's just the transition from being there to not being there ( and in reverse ) that is the main problem - she certainly doesn't sit there all day crying etc.. ( webcam in nursery so I can check ! ). The more she goes, the happier she becomes, and she's learned a lot from being there - her development has noticably accelerated.
  11. I thought this post was taking the piddle, and looking through the thread for the real name for slapped cheek - then I decided to google it, and found it ! Apologies for doubting you all ! Personally, I think Rachel's cheeks are red because she's teething :-)
  12. Rachel was going off her milk and being a right bugger the other day ( breakfast ), so I got the other half of the weetabix, and soaked it in her milk ( high cal special stuff ), and she finished the bix in record time, and then washed it down with the remains of the milk. Cunning, me !
  13. There seems to be a general prejudice against dads by society in general. There's the thought of being labelled a pedo because you change your daughter / son's nappy, or take them to the toilet, or cuddle them. There's the funny looks you get in supermarkets ( like Saturday when steelerbabe was having her hair done ) - simply because I was wondering around and interacting with my daughter ( ok, gaga, boo, gee, aah etc.. ). I felt as if I was being suspected of kidnapping her, yet if steelerbabe was with me, nobody would have looked, because I probably conformed to the "standard".
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