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  1. Oh my gosh he's soo gorgeous!!
  2. Do you have a photo you could put up?....We only around the corner and can keep a lookout. x
  3. Could someone please suggest a good quality gluten free kitten/cat food?!
  4. Hi there, We are in need of some advice and suggestions on what food to buy and where to get it as we are about to acquire 2 kittens that require gluten free food! Thanks Lotski x
  5. This is actionable info for the RSPCA to use....please inform them asap as this evil woman needs to be stopped!! Ps. my condolences to your parents. x
  6. I'm with Evei, I really hope he turns up soon. Would probs be best if you did start your own thread though....people probs won't pay much attention to this thread now that she's home which means less publicity for your missing puddy tat. x
  7. Yeah we are sooo so happy to have her home safe and sound! When i saw her i called to her and she mewd over and over at me and came trotting over!! x
  8. Just to let you all know our baby is now safely back home!!! She just came wandering past and our neighber knocked on the door to say he'd seen her...OMG soooooo happy to have her back!! x
  9. Our baby is a mid to light tabby with ginger patches on her back, the cream tip on her tail is very distinctive and very easy to see (even in dark light lol) She could have travelled that far as she went out at night and would have no idea where she was or how to get back to ours...but it's highly unlikely as it's a fair distance from ours across open country and my partner has horses up there so probs would have seen her if she'd gone that way. Thank you for letting us know that you've seen a similar cat up out and about, my partner will keep more of an eye out for her when he's up there now though, hopefully we will find her soon! x
  10. Has anyone at all seen our gorgeous puddy-tat?? We are so so worried about her...we haven't spotted her and haven't heard anything from anyone who might have seen her! as we said earlier she has spent her life as an indoor cat so she has no street sense (or sense of direction) of she will be totally lost and probably very frightend!! We just want our furry baby back so please if anyone has seen her, she is soo distinctive with the cream tip of her tail which doesn't match the rest of her markings and looks a little odd (), please please please get in touch, even if you have seen her with someone else.... Just to remind people she does have a tag (looks like a capsule) on her collar with a name and address in!
  11. We are going to put posters up in the shops, i have seen council workers rip posters down from lamp posts and such in our area She does have a tag on her collar with my partners name and our address! Freya (her 6mth old partner in crime) is so withdrawn and depressed looking that she's not playing at all and we can barely get a purr out of her!!!
  12. Please Help...our cat went missing 23rd May 2012 (toppham rd, lowedges area)!! Our gorgeous lil tabby has sneaked out of the house!! She's a 2yr old small(ish) tabby with ginger bits on her back and a tail that looks like she dipped the end of it in some cream paint, she also has a cream coloured chin.... She is an indoor cat with no street smarts what-so-ever! So if you do see her please take her in and contact us ASAP, we (along with her 6mth old partner in crime) are very very worried!! Thanks. xx
  13. Hi all, I'm looking for some hot pink spray paint... has to be suitable for being sprayed onto an air soft rifle. Does anyone know where I can get some or have any they no longer need? I've looked online but it seems that even from uk sites I would end up paying more in postage than I would for the actual paint! Thanks Lotski x
  14. OMG! that poor poor dog, it sickens me that some people can be that cruel.... :rant: Given what he's been through, I don't believe that anyone could blame him if he'd bitten/been aggressive with those trying to help him!! Here's to hoping he gets the home he truely deserves, he really will be gorgeous looking when he's back to a healthy weight.
  15. Warning: Don't watch this whilst drinking tea.....it really bad for your laptop!!
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