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  1. We are holding our annual Autumn Fair at the Community Gleadless Library on White Lane S12 Sheffield on Saturday 9th September 2017. Between 1.30 - 3.30pm. Raffle, cake staff, refreshments, kids stall, craft stall, bric-a-brac and more. ALL WELCOME TO JOIN US. Any donations of bric-a-brac, cakes or items that can be sold on the day are greatly appreciated, either on the day or at the library beforehand
  2. GLEADLESS LIBRARY SPRING FAIR - WHITE LANE S12 (NEXT TO CO-OP) SATURDAY 25TH MARCH 2017 1-3PM Come along to our Spring Fair at the community run library on White Lane Gleadless, Sheffield S12. The Spring Fair will be open between 1-3pm, all welcome. Craft stalls, cake stall, refreshments, raffle, kiddies stalls, bric-a-brac, jewellery, any many more. Please come along to support your local community library. Donations to be sold on the day are greatly received (cakes/buns, bric-a-brack, jumble etc).
  3. Thank you, I'll try it. We don't live a million miles away from her so will go n see. thank you
  4. Yes Lex, we will have the patches. do you know somewhere?
  5. Hiya, Does anyone know where I can get some patches sown onto a leather rocker/biker jacket for my son ? I've looked at the place on Ecclesall Road but it just looks like usual clothing items so I suppose I'd need somewhere a bit more specialised Thanks
  6. Hi, we are about to buy a house with a substation in the back garden but cant seem to find any information about it? Does anyone know where we would find out who we need to contact or where to look for info about that particular sub station?
  7. Does anyone have a 'hi ab' grabber near s13 that could take away 3 bolders of concrete the size of a jumbo sand bag each bolder weighing approx half a ton each? Or suggestions of how we can get rid of these as they are outside a property we have bought and need moving. Thanks
  8. what about the crime? does anyone know if it has a high crime rate
  9. What's it like to live on City Road, near the cemetery. Thanks
  10. My brother had a very bad case of neighbour noise nuisance a couple oh years ago. He contacted the appropriate department at the council and they supplied him with noise recording equipment. He also had to keep a noise diary. It Was driving him mad,he lost weight and became depressed. Although the process took months the council did support my brother,the person had his equipment seized twice but just got another stereo. It eventually went to court and he was evicted. Make sure you start to log everything as evidence and get support from the noise nuicence team immediately. Best of Luck
  11. Hi, 18-20mm door thickness. we need 10m total. but 5 lots of 1.7m would do. so anything would be great. Many thanks
  12. Hi, My partner is replacing some cupboard doors in our catering van and needs to buy some U-Channel for the doors to slide asap. We need either aluminium or stainless. Does anyone know where we could buy this in Sheffield or surrounding areas?
  13. yes social services would advise you their main number is 0114 2734908, or have a look on http://www.sheffieldhelpyourself.org.uk for a variety of services available
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