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  1. I'd like Bill Turnbulls job. Was listening to Classic (unsure why) and he had a track on that was about 15 minutes long, it finished and he said, Now lets have some Mozart, another 10 minutes. He's not gonna get a sore throat anytime soon. Must be a Saturday morning thing. I mostly listen to Absolute or 5 live but on a Saturday I avoid it like the plague. One has frank Skinner droning on and the other has Danny Baker doing the same. I used to think both men funny but they are awful these days on the radio.
  2. Does anyone know what was happening at Asda/Chapeltown train station this morning? On my way to work I followed a fire engine along Station Road that turned up the road you use to get to Asda and it was blocked off by the police.
  3. Go to your email client on your ipad and remove it completely. Or it may be in accounts, I forget how apple works.
  4. Having just been to another funeral we parked our car up and walked to the Anvil for the wake when we saw this magnificent procession come by. Amazing sight. Never knew the guy but was clearly well loved.
  5. Well he was driving away from the ground and it says "he drove back across the snake pass to a hill outside Sheffield" That makes me think it can't be in Sheffield.
  6. OK I get that, but where is the hiil? If its outside Sheffield he stands less a chance of seeing the ground.
  7. Ye I thought that but it said he got out of his car on the snake pass. ---------- Post added 16-11-2017 at 22:31 ---------- That was my first thought, we know they do it in films. I remember watching the film I.D from 1995 where there is a scene of them running down a gennel in Rotherham and coming out in London but this is a biography and you would assume it would be a bit more accurate.
  8. Sorry,the clip did say he got out of his car to look.
  9. Just been listening to BBC 5 Live and they are doing a Kenny Dalgish special because there is a film coming out about him. The presenter, Tom Fordyce said that part of the film is naturally about that fateful day in April at Hillsborough. He goes on to say that in the film there is a bit where Kenny is driving home on the Snake Pass and he stops to look down at the Hillsborough Ground, now that got me thinking. I've lived in S6 for the last 20 years and I cant think where on the Snake you can see the Football Stadium. Any one know any better?
  10. Cyclist fatality according to another source.
  11. According to the star it's a stabbing. 18 year old. Don't know the condition.
  12. I meant escort as a collective, not one. There where 2 cars either side of the van. I see prison vans all the time going up that road around that time but never seen one as protected and in such a hurry.
  13. Has there been a high profile court case in Sheffield today? On my way home from work a police escort and prison van was going up Halifax Road with blues and twos going.
  14. On my way to work this morning a child was knocked over on Greengate Lane just past the Bridge Inn. I didn't witness it so don't know the circumstances. Does anyone know how the child is?
  15. Thx Craig but I don't own the laptop anymore, this thread is 4 years old.
  16. It looked a tad more serious than that when I drove past, there was also a Fire Engine in attendance with Firemen looking very busy.
  17. Not sure about the Wisewood fire but some info from tool1 below on the Walkley Cottage one: And spotty dog also posts that the Holly Bush are having a fire.
  18. Walkley Cottage and The Wisewood Inn are having one on tuesday.
  19. Ok update. got the external monitor working .. .. .. .. the memory wasnt seated right, oops Next problem, I'm struggling trying to reinstall an operating system. Its got an XP pro licence on it so that was my first choice but its saying all sorts of dll's are missing, it looks like the hard drive has been formatted, recovery partition and all. I've tried installing Ubuntu and trying a live linux and again with no joy.
  20. Its vga and the function button doesnt do it. Cant get to the bios like you say and i'll look at the link when i get home truman, thx all.
  21. I have a laptop with a damaged screen and no operating system. I'm trying to reinstall the operating system but I am unable to get the external monitor working. I assume that I need the OS for it to recognise it, any ideas please?
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