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  1. Andy, im afraid the Friday Lunch Bni meeting has now come to an end. reason being is that they could not get enough people to join up to launch the group. There are plenty of networking events out there to choose from, But if you go to too many it could have more of a negative effect than positive, i attend Trades-unite which is held every two weeks at whitley hall, no commitment fee, cost ten pounds for breakfast, dont think there is a web designer,pm me if you are interested in attending. also the bni set up is a good one, apart from the cost,and if you have the time and commitment it should be worth it, might be worth checking there website (http://www.bni.eu) click the uk link, then you can see all the meetings in the country with who, and what business type attends the meetings. you may find an opening for your business type. regards Steve
  2. hi Esox, Speak to Dan at lar print in hillsborough (0114 2336875) he will certainly be able to help you on the design side as well as the cards (good value & quality) regards Steve
  3. snoopjiggy - meetings are every Friday Lunch between 1-2.30pm cost £10 for room/food (arrive about 12.45 for some snap). I have met your missis at the trade-unite meets.its def worth the visit, you still will meet some contacts/Prospects at the meeting even if you decide it aint for you. if you are interested pm me or give us a ring as numbers below regards Steve
  4. yes it is a Bni group(still in a pregroup stage), Whether you view/heard them as good or bad, i would say if you have never been to one then its def worth the initial visit to see how their format is set out, it works for some and not for others, I have joined this group due to the commitment thats expected from everybody(upto now their is a good core of people who have joined),which in time will help my business grow, where as an independant group, the commitment level is not as structured,you get identical business types in the same room, so most of the time its just a polite chat and breakfast. You should ignore the fact that its under the bni name, and realise that its exactly the same type of group as any other, except that the people turn up every week, you will not get any of your competitors around the same table and everybody is as commited as you are.
  5. Good morning all, Just a reminder for all you young people out there about a new Friday lunch networking Group,The group is in its intro meeting stage recruiting one business type only per business category. So if you are in a position to take on more business then this is a place for you. Please get in touch with myself for more details. ps - afraid that the most popular categorys - Accountants/Financial Advisor/Marketing/Utilities have been filled. But there are plenty more spaces available Regards Steve
  6. I attend a couple, I goto trades unite held fortnightly and have recently joined a new lunchtime group on a friday(one profession only,which is still accepting new members), i have found that there are plenty of networking groups out there, too many are now more of a social gathering than a business meeting, when everybodys ultimate goal is to generate more business.If you spread yourself too thin over many different groups then you will find it easier to put yourself in the shop window but it will be much harder to receive referrals,because they take a lot of time and commitment and people trade with people. Also many groups now have an anybody can come policy which dilutes your true potential to get proper referrals, which can sometimes cause two identical business types sitting opposite each other trying to pitch their services, which if somebody has a genuine referral who do they give it to? you have to have the mindset that it could be 6 -12 months before you start to see any business coming back to you. it is a long term plan not just to turn up and expect everybody come running to you.
  7. I would consider putting solar pv on your roof, would cost you around 12k but you will get an guaranteed income stream for 25 years and cheaper electric bills, with your spare change consider putting underfloor heating throughout your house then buy an air source heat pump - you will end up with hardly any heating bills plus i think theres also a pay back tarrif for water heating coming soon from the goverment too. safe, no risk for a maximum return for upto 25 years
  8. Adam, you maybe interested in a new business referral meeting setting up just off the sheffield parkway, good coverage for businesses in rotherham/sheffield. meet every friday lunch - ideal opportunity to meet other businesss who may require or know of somebody who may require your services. pm for more details if interested regards steve
  9. vidlocalshef, sent pm, just like to say i like your business idea, think you would 100% benefit from networking.
  10. The guy who it last (by far the best barber in s6 for a long time) told me when i last went in, that he was closing at the end of july, then was going to work at his father-in-laws barbers, think he mentioned he would be working thur/fri/sat. The barber he has moved to is the one through fir-vale on upwell street, past the jet garage/speed camera heading towards meadowhall. before the main traffic lights there is barbour shop(with the old barbers pole hanging on the outside wall). prob worth the travel for a decent haircut.
  11. Andy, Cartridge would be a remanufactured cartidge not compatible, it is covered by one year warranty, we are looking at £12.60inc vat + delivery(Sheffield area), delivery would be Wed/Thursday, not a stock item. We can accept card payment, if required please contact us on details below regards Steve
  12. What is your lexmark machine, we will be able to price for both original and compatible if they are available for your machine(our compatible cartridges have a full one warranty), we are very competitive and offer free local delivery, regards steve
  13. Hi everybody, This may suit your business or it may not, We are looking for forward thinking businesses for a new bni referral group, just off the Sheffield parkway which meet every friday lunch 1 - 2.30pm. The group is currently in its company intro stage (when we have 16 businesses,it will officially launch, currently their are approx 8 signed up). The group will suit people of any size business looking to grow there company.Their is a sign up fee, also cost £10 every meet to cover food/room etc. But in comparison to what you would spend to advertise in the yellow pages/ locals etc, you would hopefully get a much better return vis these type of streams. it certainly worth one visit to get a feel if it right for you or not. if anybody is interested please send me a pm along with your business type as the group only allows one business type per group. (duplicated this thread in the business/employment section,sorry if this is a problem, unsure where it could be posted) regards steve
  14. Hi, Speak to Richard at Core Interiors (showroom in ecclesfield), im sure he will be able to help you. hes a small independant company, his number is 0800 6226057 web add is http://www.coreflooring.co.uk regards steve
  15. We use Hermes regulary via parcel2go , and as yet we have not had any delivery problems, so upto now i would recommend them.
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