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  1. Thanks for sorting out my boiler electrics today Johnathan. Good job and good price and very pleasant fella!
  2. Thanks for that, do the regs say that there must be a certain distance between the boiler and fuse box that you are aware of?
  3. Hi, yes he just put that on to check its working, Im not using it till gets sorted. Its a non combi boiler, and is a Baxi solo.
  4. My friend fitted a new boiler for me recently, it was a straight swap. The problem is though, the old boiler had a permanent live cable to it, which my friend wasn't sure what to do with, so at the moment the boiler is being run from a plug point. Anyone know what needs to be done please? (Before anyone asks my mate is Gas Safe registered.)
  5. Damaged my screen anyone know where I could get it repaired and how much?
  6. Don't think this is a pressure related problem. But yes it's so annoying when the pilot light doesn't work, as you come home from work and it's freezing for an hour or two until it warms up after having to relight the pilot light!
  7. Hi, the Gas man said it was a 'high water content' boiler. The only other info I have on it is what it say's on it, W.M.65/80F G.C. No 41.898.34
  8. I have a problem with my boiler. It is a Trianco type. Often the pilot light goes out. It restarts easily each time. I have changed the thermocople but the pilot light still goes off, after the boiler has been on. I had a gas fitter to see it but he couldn't work out whats wrong. He say's it may be a loose contact but the bit of the boiler where this is, is sealed. Occasionally now, when the pilot IS on the boiler doesn't start. If I give the boiler a bang the fan noise changes and the boiler then comes on! Any idea on what I can do, or do I just have to bite the bullet and get a new boiler?
  9. Just driven up Ecclesall Road and seen another new cafe this one is just up from Nonna's, where Billy Cat used to be and is called Chocadore.Surely Ecclesall Road is reaching saturation point with all the coffee shops / cafes. Wondered if anyone has tried it yet?
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