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  1. Wednesday were disgusting for 90 minutes so anything that happened after is no big suprise.
  2. Sheff Utd Huddersfield Preston Mk Dons Notts County Brentford In that order.
  3. Good news that Mellor and Hulme are out. Preston is a bogey ground for us but I dont see why we cant win.
  4. I am not Simonsens biggest fan, but he ws fouled, its not his fault.
  5. Tango is a stain on football and a great advert for not eating Mcdonalds.
  6. Originally Posted by s2 blade My view on the game was that overall id say a draw was a fair result although if one team deserved the win it would be wednesday simply for efforts at goal . Simmo is a semi-pro keeper at best!! The atmosphere was amazing!! Wednesday are the loudest away supporters to ever come to bramall lane. Fact!!! The ref wasn't very good - that's not a moan either he was just crap all game!! The eqaliser is open to debate but either way foul or no foul simmo is weak at best!! Tango is a fat mess. Lol. Oh and were both MASSIVE. Hence 28-000 for a third division game !! Oh and kal-el is it??? Go with brian.the blade and support donny please! ! What a truly embarassing post from a debatable blade. I think its you who should support donny son, we dont want your kind at S2.
  7. Wednesday got penalised for about 20% of the fouls they actually commited during the game. Its like Wilson said, you got away with foul after foul after foul. Disgrace.
  8. After viewing the foul against Simonsen dozens of times I was wrong to say Johnson fouled Simonsen. I did not relaise that all three Wednesday players fouled Simonsen at once. How the referee did not give a foul is beyond the realms of understanding. I have written a letter to the FA for an explanatio on this and look forward to their reply.
  9. Did you have 18 shots on goal? did Simonsen make 18 saves? No, your pathetic clinging on to these stats routine is just as embarassing as your pitiful team.
  10. A blind monkey with no whistle and no legs could have done a better job than that dribbling bafoon.
  11. Oh right so becuase refs have a difficult job we should ignore decisions that ruin a game? grow up. He SAW the foul and bottled giving it, just like he bottled giving wednesday their deserved 8 yellow cards in the first half. He was a coward and deserves sanctions against him following his pitiful performance.
  12. I must have posted 50 posts stating it was Johnson who foueld Simmo, then you come on saying Madine didnt foul him, amazing. Itw as a foul, theres no debate. Your pathetic comments about stats is laughable. If you went to the game, you will relaise your pathetic efforts were so far off target they could barley be called eforts. Including a shot which nearly left the stadium.
  13. Just as well for wednesday, it must be like pouring acid on your eyes watching that every week.
  14. I have been watching football for a very long time and I have neveer seen a more cowardly or disgusting referee decision.
  15. They battered you and were incredibly unlucky.
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