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  1. Hopefully we will weed them out yes. But it's coming to something when you have to think of your safety before gettin on a bus or train, it just makes me so mad
  2. I totally agree angel05 - how can killing loads of people guarantee you a place in paradise - complete lunatics if you ask me
  3. I think it was the sun (fair enough they do exagerate), but its still scary to think that it could be happening.
  4. You just get a great feel of freedom when you are driving (well I do anyway). Sat in your car with your tunes - its great.
  5. Mine would either be an Audi TT Roadster or a customized Mini (Pink with pink fluffy seats, Pink leather dash etc. and of course convertible)
  6. I read that they were trained at a secret suicide bomber training camp somewhere in Britain and apparently there is another 200 at this camp who (when the qualify or whatever they do), they will to want to blow stuff and people up too. Whether this is true or not I don't know. ! Scary !
  7. You have hit the nail on the head - totally agree with you.
  8. thanks for that bonny. will think about trying again.
  9. I know this is not a very happy subject, and don't want to scare anyone who is pregnant, but has anyone on here lost a child after birth and then gone on to have more children. Just need to know how it was mentally and emotionally.
  10. Well said aNTacid. I know an alcoholic and went to a councelling session with him and the coucellor said that addictiveness is actually inherited. He went back to him mum and found out that his grandad was as alcoholic too
  11. Hi Jillibabes did you here about the affair with mr powers and one of the History teachers (can't remember which one), then apparently mr powers dissapeared. someone told me he commited suicide - hope this isn't true cos he was a good laugh.
  12. I like the view from the top of East Bank Road. You can see practically all of Sheffield. As for Jawbone Hill, I used to live up there it is a great view.
  13. What about Carbrook Hall that is supposed to be haunted. Or the tunnels under Fargate. The Birley on Birley Moor Road is supposed to be haunted too. My mum used to work there, told me some spooky stories.
  14. I have just found out that there is a Tae Kwon Do club at Springwater Community Centre (next to St John fisher school) in Hackenthorpe. It is over the field just behind the Hackenthorpe tram stop. I think it runs Wednesdays 6-8 and Saturdays 12-2.
  15. Something i found a great help when my daughter was teething was ice pops. Just the cheap 10p ones. They are hard for them to bite on and cold which helps numb the pain a bit. Also harder for them to choke on as it just melts.
  16. My other half practically lived in the limit during the 80's so i have heard plenty of stories from him. Some not as gorey as the ones in the book though (the bloke with glass in his nose and head - ouch).
  17. by the way, am half way through book, it's great.
  18. Hi ontario owl, i take it you are dougie,s mate then. I work with him and Doug Snr occasionally when he comes back from spain.
  19. Also Miss Swift used to remind me of Frank Spencer for some reason.
  20. I left birley in 1996, also had Mr Walton - how sexy!!! Think Mr Harding was pretty cool in his own way too. Anyone remember poor old Mr Latham.
  21. I am the same with my daughter. I live in Gleadless and apart from swimming there's not really much for her to do. There is a dance school just round the corner from me but she's not really interested in that. Apart from that there is nothing.
  22. You could get a cheap shredder and recycle the paper yourself like using it as bedding for a hamster, guinea pig or rabbit. Or give it to someone you know that has a small animal.
  23. Graves Tennis and Leisure Centre do swimming lessons with about 6-8 kids per session. My daughter goes, it's good.
  24. i just love big john @ breakfast on Hallam in the morning and the afternoon a bit of Colin and Edith on Radio 1 - Brill. :-)
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