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  1. Hi, thanks for all your help. Managed to get some good 70's gear from freshmans, the only thing I couldn't find was a pair of denim flares so borrowed some off a mate instead.
  2. Thanks I will go have a look tomorrow.
  3. Does anyone know where I can buy some 70's clothes. I am going to a party tomorrow (Saturday) and just found out it's a 70's party so I need to find some groovy gear.
  4. You could try L J Timber on Clay Wheels Lane at Hillsborough. They have loads of logs and wood chip. They don't charge either, you can have as much as you like. Only problem is they don't deliver you have to go fetch it yourself.
  5. L J Timber tree surgeone 0114 2311194 they are good for quality of work and prices
  6. Hi there, I have just phoned my mum and dad cos they have been to costa teguise and they said there are a few spar shops and a netto so am sure they will sell pampers there.
  7. I would have to agree with medusa. Took my daughter to Chester Zoo last year and she absolutely loved it.
  8. Have you been for a look round the nursery yet. When my daughter first started they let her play with the other kids for half an hour while I looked round and had a cuppa.
  9. My daughter used to go there about 2yrs ago. Found it really good my little un loved it.
  10. (Quote)Kids should be banned from anywhere that has cutlery and serves anything runnier than concrete, on health and safety grounds. They have their restaurants and they should stick to them. Imagine their horror if we all went in and ordered up the last of their ‘Happy meals.’ They simply wouldn’t stand for it. And, where there are kids, people tend to get sanctimonious about my smoking, swearing and showing off my arse. Kids, hate us! They may not say it, but they think it. That is why they leave their Lego at the top of the stairs; kak themselves in the most unnecessary places and stare at us from their buggies! Kids, adult food and civilisation don’t mix.(Quote) People with kids should be allowed to take them anywhere without grumpy people moaning. if you don't like kids in restaurants then don't sit near them, and showing your arse in a restaurant - who's the kid there!
  11. There is a restaurant in Gleadless called Tequilas that let kids in. I think on certain days they have offers where you get 2 meals for the price of one on kids food too.
  12. Your brother would have been in my year what is his name.
  13. Lived in Hackenthorpe from 1980- 1996. Top half of Dyke Vale Road, just opposite the field. Went past the field last week cant believe the state of the park.
  14. Never heard anythings else about it so it can't have been that bad.
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