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  1. it was hanging over the wisewood shops area for ages, which they are closed, so who knows, tell you something that group of kids need outing once and for all, the one with the kid with the blonde hair and glasses, always has a drink in his hand, then a younger kid bombing around the crossing on his bike, you know what one day someone is going to run him over and why should a innocent person feel guilt for the rest of his life, for hurting an idiot. Why oh why are these kids hanging outside this shop? I am adamant that the shopkeepers are up to no good, why do the kids want to hang with them, I have been in that shop several times, and it stinks, it has this horrible smell to it. Surely the police can do something to get rid of the kid, god why cant we bring in loitering in public places as an offence and intriduce curfews, why should people feel unease at walking in that area in the daytime!!!!
  2. Does anyone know how he's doing? Or does anyone know if the scum that did this have been found? he looks like a nice kid.
  3. seriously hope Luke makes a full recovery, innocent person. Hope that he is able to get better and name is attackers and they are charged with attempted murder, someone knows who did this and must name them to the police, disgusting, anyone seeing any kind of violence or threat of violence out there window, in the street etc, must call the police right away, this behaviour cannot be tolerated, This guy should not have got beat up, the thugs need putting away for a very long time.
  4. hope to god it aint them evil kids that killed the chicken at Wisewood primary
  5. There is lots for teenagers to do, other than hang on in gangs in parks making other people feel uncomfortable!!! Swimming, dancing, cinema, sport, etc etc, why do people have to come up with the old chestnut, they have nothing to do?? bull, I never went around causing trouble, and I came from a family who didnt have much money,
  6. thanks! She is a kids entertainer, does discos and entertains the little ones at birthday parties/
  7. Does anyone have the number for a childrens entertainer called disco deb?? Many thanks
  8. I would have left when you started, Mr Bell was a useless idiot!
  9. exactly! I was slated before on a previous post for slagging off the school! i know I went there, know people who work there, so trust me I know what goes on! It needs condemning, went down hill after mr kemp died!
  10. miss lunney was the one who picked her nose, she lives alone still, and carries her dog everywhere! how old are you?
  11. get real, hillsborough school is a dump! bad bad bad, rough kids and rubbish teachers.
  12. I used to work at freeserve in 2000/2001, it was ok, the team was ok, then again I was at uni with my team leader so it ws good, however they tried moving me once to broadband, he he and I didnt have a clue what i was doing and the guy was a jerk so I walked out and left there and then, so out of my team, it wasnt so nice, and I just worked weekends.
  13. how come she has never been to an hairdresser? surely she must have, where does she come from????? didnt she get her hair done for your wedding? not been rude, just nosey
  14. take it back to the office, dont leave with a neighbour, could be a thief, blue bins - could be stolen, these jiffy bags etc are not always junk! mind you, half of the time things go missing when they have been sent back to the sorting office, you cant win with the post.
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