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  1. there was a medium sized white van and a silver (i think it was a mercedes) car. the car had gone under the van somehow. i was on my way to meadowhall and got diverted. i hope no-one was seriously injured. but on my way back from meadowhall at about 6.10pm it was all clear but the traffic lights werent on so i don't know if the crash happened because of no lights. hope this helps
  2. Could someone not start a petition for an award or for him to carry the torch etc? i no i would for definate sign it!! Top bloke!!
  3. not sure if anyone else has said it but theres a connexions in town, i saw a thing advertised saying there was something to do with KIER for 16-19year olds. and some shops will let you work there stacking shelves maybe?? not much help lol, hope you find something
  4. i recently had my baby girl 9weeks and 1day ago. and my pregnancy was a breeze compared to some people i no the only thing 'bad' was i felt groggy for 3weeks constantly and got stretch marks extremely bad. my labour was terrible and everything that could have gone wrong did but the thing is once you have you baby in your arms and you look into their eyes everything that has just happened in the past 9months just fades away. i mean obviously you can remember it but you cant remember the pain or how you felt. its a weird thing that happens but i suppose its a good thing so people have more babies . i can honestly say that i enjoyed labour loads even tho it was a week in slow labour an 37hours in full blown labour. it was the best experience of my life and i wud do it again tomorrow. (hopefully it will be more straight forward next time ) anyway, when people say you will never sleep again, its totally wrong, yeah you might have to get up a lot but you will still get your sleep even if you do become nocturnal lol. i have been very lucky as she has only woke up a handful of times at 3/4 oclock in the morning and then it was 6/7 oclock. so she only really woke once in the night for a feed. now she has 12hours usually without waking once for a feed. so she is a good baby and you could have a baby like this and be lucky like me pregnancy and childbirth can be gruesome but it is all 100% worth it when you have your little bundle of joy in your arms good luck in all of your pregnancies its a precious and amazing experience !!
  5. http://www.demonwheelers.co.uk/ These are very good! I used to be an instructor for them They do more than just quadding, take a look around theyre site!!
  6. I'm glad to hear they got their bikes back!! We were there today and actually went looking for them too but they got away ! So happy they have theyre bikes though!! :hihi:
  7. There are plenty, it just depends on what type of take away food you are wanting and where abouts you live
  8. Try ringing them to see if they have got your application. They may just be too busy atm and have not got round to doing it. I emailed them and it took a while for them to email me back, mine was just a question and i wasn't applying for anything. So they may just take a while. Give them a ring
  9. there may be another group on Facebook for nursing too, i just saw this one on another forum i go on and wanted to spread the word as i am interested in being one but it doesn't make my chances very good with all the cuts
  10. i no, its horrendous... i'm wanting to become a midwife but at this rate it doesnt look like ill get into uni, nevermind get a job as a midwife!! Things would be much better if we did what Egypt has done.
  11. Hello, Will you please spare a couple of minutes of your time to just like this group on Facebook please!! http://www.facebook.com/SaveMidwifery#!/SaveMidwifery It needs 100,000 likes so that it is looked at seriously in parliament! We need more midwives for the growing population not less!! Thank you for your time
  12. yeah, its a competition that she's been entered in, she wins a motorbike and to be the face of geton.co.uk in 2011 i think. We're trying to get as many people to vote for her as possible, thanks to anyone who votes
  13. Hello everyone, will everyone vote for my friend on the link below pleasseeeee you have to be signed in on facebook to do it though and click like on the pic please http://www.geton.co.uk/search-site?keys=daniella+earl Thankyou to everyone who does !!! hope everyone has a good christmas!!
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