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  1. my washer is bangng like mad when its on final spin has anyone got any idea whats wrong or do i need a new one its a Beko wmb71642w its 6 yrs old thanks
  2. can anyone help ?emptied it :checked for blockages: cleaned brush : but its lost power :
  3. my sewing machine is gathering up on the back and getting stuck under the foot it wont move after a few stitches dont know whats wrong just had a new driver ??? does anyone know whats wrong with it?
  4. thank you all for your messages my washer is up and runninng yes it was the drivebelt
  5. can anyone help us washer wont drain and spin we can hear it working but drum isnt moving its a beko weve checked drain plug and hose all fine????
  6. washer wont rinse and drain anyone know whats wrong with it ?
  7. he was my consultant as well i was in there from 1961 till 1963 i saw in the paper a couple of yrs ago hed passed away ,
  8. hello Gaynor not seen u for a while still going to see sue n tony you never knpw might bump into you down there
  9. i was born and bread in darnall we lived on jubilee rd untill demolition around1976/7 i went to phillimore rd school then to park house they was some of the best days of my life happy timesa
  10. yeah he did have a brother Gerrge not sure about jessie
  11. think this was called dutch skipping ahhh happy days
  12. hiya gaynor havent see you about for ages yeah im fine are you
  13. no i worked with rita' lynda jessie flo kev sharman was assistant manager and mr took was manager think his name was roger had a lot of sleep since then
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