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  1. The last few times I have looked at the classifieds, almost every category you look at has very little or nothing advertised, there used to be lots to look through but not no more. Can anyone explain why it has gone down hill so quickly, is it because of all others available like Gumtree, Shpock etc ??
  2. Thanks for that info, I have had a phone call today saying they have not forgot about my case, but it could be 7 - 10 days to process the write off, I can't wait that long, so I may have to go and buy one elsewhere, and then go to small claims court to settle this. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. We did NOT turn down an appointment, we told them we had already booked a break away as it says in my post, we just wanted another suitable time, it was them who cancelled our appointment
  4. Thanks Pattricia, that's interesting to know, I have been back in to the shop at tea time and they are useless, they can't even give me an email address apart from the one for customer service, which is a waste of time because I have already tried it and it took them 2 weeks to reply saying they needed more information, I am waiting for someone to get back to me but I am not holding my breath.
  5. I would just like to make everyone aware of the Diabolical way we have been treated by Currys / Knowhow. We have a Hoover Washing machine that we purchased from Currys, Drakehouse, Crystal Peaks, I pay for a monthly breakdown service, and the Washer broke down on Friday 25th of September, my wife phoned knowhow to report the breakdown and was told someone would get back to confirm a repair date, she got a text message on Monday 28th to say someone would do the repair on Wednesday 30th September, she then got another message later the same day to say the repair has been cancelled due to being overbooked, we could not accept another date they offered for the following week because we were away for a short break that we had booked after suffering 2 tragic deaths in the family. This would be the 6th repair for this washing machine, so we have asked for it to be written off (you can ask for this after 3 repairs) We have been passed from pillar to post by various different people, we have had the phone conversation cut off mid call and been given false information from various members of the Currys team, Simon, the branch manager is the only person who has got things moving a little, but even he can not give me someone's personal email address, so we just get passed from one to another. We have now been without a washer for 4 weeks and feel that legal action may be the only way forward, does anyone have any information that may be beneficial. Thanks for reading.
  6. Just an update for anyone who may be interested, I bought a Heating element and thermal cut out, and fitted it last weekend, it was quite a fiddley job securing it in place at the back of the evaporator, but I managed it and it has been great since, I am hoping it is now cured. Thanks to all who replied to me 👍
  7. Thanks, it is not a gas leak though because it keeps going back to normal for a few days, I am thinking it is the heating element at fault which should prevent ice build up These people seem OK but want you to make a payment before you get any advice ?
  8. Thanks, I removed the evaporator cover a couple of weeks ago and cleared a build up of ice and everything looked fine and it worked great for a few days after, but did the same again, it has just started working again after playing up for a couple of days 🤔
  9. Hi, I have a Hotpoint fufl 1810 Fridge freezer which keeps failing, It will work OK then we notice the fridge is not as cold as it should be, it can be like that a couple of days or so then starts working again, so I think it is due to build up of ice, I would be grateful for any advice, as it is only 6yr old and still in great condition. Thanks 07846268585
  10. It has got to be the time for him to go now, by slating Josh Onamah in public he has angered the powers that be at Tottenham, and also the Spurs fans. If Wednesday are hoping to sign some loan players in January, which clubs are going to let their young players come to Wednesday while Jos is still there, he is tarnishing the image of our club. GET HIM OUT ASAP.
  11. Andre Villas Boas , later in January after taking part in Dakar Rally ?
  12. Why do some people put stupid comments about topics they have no idea about ????
  13. Yes, I saw them Reggie , they looked like the lights you would see from a revolving disco ball. I was looking at them a few minutes , and then I thought I would Video them , I was just about to get my phone , and it was as if someone had flicked a switch and they were gone. Very weird !!
  14. I don't mind the new crest , but I do think it looks a lot like one that has been used by Oldham Athletic, the present one is easily associated with Wednesday, but the new one will need looking at more closely. ---------- Post added 26-01-2016 at 09:23 ---------- I like the one used by Gazza58
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