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  1. what's good music? I do not want to hear the mainstream radio hits, I do not want to listen to charts. There must be some places where real hand made music is played. I like a lot of things. Real drum'n'base - live! or what about a good reggae party? or some old school real rock music? or some newer things like deus, bjoerg-style, santana, everlast, ... you know what I mean? no boy groups, no music, where you have to be drunk to enjoy ...
  2. hey there, is there any outdoor club or some people who would like to join my fable for the extraordinary landscape in the peak district? I made a real good tour from Hathersage up to higger tor, around the rocks and back to Sheffield City Center by foot. Sun, beautiful views, warmth, what do you want more? Where are the young people, fit for a walk? I can't be the only one ....
  3. Hi folks, I am quite new here in this city and tried to figure out the szene here ... mainly met drunk midlife-crisis-tristies or youngsters. Music. hmmmm. Some real stuff, new music, not this mainstream disco radio mix. Good rock, good alternative pop? I'm lost. Is there anyone outside my (new) office here, who would like to show me some Sheffield night-life, day-culture, walks out or good life-music locations? As young professional it is a bit hard to orientate between all those freshers here .... Thanx for posts!
  4. I´m a 27yo professional, moving to Sheffield looking for a nice flat in one of the areas close to the city with friedly housemates. Will be in Sheffield for 3 months from 2nd August until 2nd November. Would be very glad if someone could help me with a free room and some open-minded mates ....
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