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  1. He is interested in the IB because it’s a broadening curriculum and also because he may want to study abroad.
  2. Hi, am researching options for our lad for after GCSEs. He is interested in the International Baccalaureate but we are struggling to find information on where he might study it. Anyone know of a place offering it around our region? Thanks
  3. Sorry we missed it - heard it was a blast and will look out for ya next gigs!
  4. I would second the Cafe Rouge by the Peace Gardens - we took my OH's nan there a couple of weeks ago for a Satuday lunch before going ot the Lyceum - she liked it and she aint easily pleased!
  5. I am looking for a small venue for the afternoon of Sat 5th Sept for a family party for 25-30 people. It needs to be on southern side of Sheffield as most guests are in the Stavely, Killamarsh, Mosborough and N Chesterfield areas. Any ideas?
  6. Hi - am really interested but Tuesdays clash with another regular commitment. Are there any other gatherings in the Sheffield area on a different night please?
  7. The Spooky men have to be seen to be believed. They sing an incredible range of material, covering all styles, and they do it in a uniquely witty and memorable way. They will be performing at the Library Theatre on Wed 22 July at 8pm - tickets will be on the door (£10 / £.
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