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  1. I know greyhound gap have had 2 dogs that have undergone these expensive cataract operations with great results. IT may be worth getting in touch with Lisa to hear about there experience of it all.
  2. Hello Polkadot this is something i would love to do . I have horsey experience and used to work at a stables as a teenager. I haven't ridden since i was in my twenties so about 10yrs ago. However i don't think you ever forget how to tack up, groom, muck out and generally help out etc. I used to teach kids riding and do stable management classes with them. I have been a registered care home manager and have spent much of my career working with adults with disabilities. If you still need people could you email me at albertandtilly@yahoo.co.uk thanks Helen I do have a little girl with her own problems so my commitment can be regular (the same evening each week) but probably only twice a month initially.
  3. These things were forsale in 2011. I have some baby girls stuff newborn and 0-3 months what are you after?
  4. My nappies had about 4 washes strix before the first use. Are they microfibre inserts? A few washes without detergent will help increase absorbency and no fabric softener and half the usual amount of detergent. I also do a strip wash each month (a detergentless wash) to get rid of any extra detergent. Glad the first night was a success!
  5. I have a lindam gate into my kitchen but it has fittings so it be screwed in and it is taller i think it was advertised as a dog gate. Anyhow am sure it was from argos . That gruffle monkey would not be able to push through it xx
  6. I have but am curious as to why you ask.
  7. Our daughter is 5 weeks old today and was born at 28+5 and weighed 2lb 1oz. Am hoping she gets to 3lb today! Our paths have probably crossed in the milk room we are in one of the HDU rooms. Hope your little one is doing well
  8. Jessops have clothes if you don't have any. Our little girl is in the special baby care unit and was allowed to wear a babgro yesterday for the first time and they let us borrow one and i went and bought some. Try mothercare clearance by staples they have loads of early and tiny baby clothes in the discount side they are very cheap.
  9. You can book a private gender scan from 14 weeks however it can still be difficult to tell. I am fairly certain the sonographer will not even attempt to sex the baby at 12 weeks look up guessing the nub!
  10. I had a baby by emergency c section on the 8th July in total i spent 16 days on Rivelin and Norfolk ward within Jessops. My baby is in the special care baby unit as she was born at 28+5 days. My experience has been varied however without the expertise of he staff and the amazing facilities i truly believe our story would be a very different one as both myself and my daughter were very unwell. Don't be afraid to speak up and say when you are unhappy or if you need something. As in all areas of life we come across people who annoy or irritate us and a hospital is no exception. There are many amazing staff at Jessops who dedicate themselves to supporting families and promoting positive care and experiences but like anywhere some individuals are not as conscientious which is why you musn't be afraid to speak up. Good luck i am sure you will be fine x
  11. Oh dear i truly hope this little dogs owner is found and that this little terrier in s13 is ok
  12. Mags am so sorry i won't be able to do any cakes as me and bubs are in hospital. I hope the event goes well and you make lots. I will do a donation through the website instead
  13. How wonderful that you have been able to rehome and that the cattery were willing to keep them for so long such a kind offer
  14. £2.60 each split between 3 of us
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