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  1. Blue Moon

    New LED street lights

    From what I've seen of the new LED street lights, I really like 'em. Even Loxley Valley has received the 21st century lighting upgrade... RIP low pressure sodium street lights - never did like those horrible looking things.
  2. Blue Moon

    Christmas Illuminations

    Oh this never fails to impress me and evoke happy memories. Thank you.
  3. I love a happy ending!! Welling up, ere!! Bless!
  4. Blue Moon

    When I was a smoker

    Silk Cut - awful. Never suited me in health of fashion - couldn't even hold the ciggy right without nearly setting me or someone else alight! Used to think a smoke was cool. Must ave been mad.
  5. Blue Moon

    Sheffield Christmas lights

    Tried to watch the YouTube clip, but says EMI have blocked it for UK residents. Strooth, what mixed up times we live in. A clip of Sheffield's Christmas Lights in 1974 - what harm is that doing to the likes of EMI? I have seen the clip before and just wanted to look again at how good the lights were back then. Neighmind. The images are burned into my memory from the original days and - maybe EMI would like to delete those, too...
  6. Most private landlords will charge as much as they can get out of the system and a bit more for good measure. This in effect has pushed up rents to a level most cannot afford. They were regulated many years ago, but we knew what would happen when they scrapped regulated rents and it has...
  7. Blue Moon

    You save money by building houses!

    That's far too much like a simple and sensible solution! They will never go for it. But looking back, Nu Labour hardly pulled their socks out when it came to sorting out the affordable housing crisis, from what I can see. A few part rent / part buy - if you happen to have £50,000 spare and still don't mind paying £400 pcm rent on to of that - is all I saw built as an answer. Not defending this buch of pasty eating wallers in governance now by saying this, either...
  8. Housing Benefit is in meltdown and a complete nightmare to administer now. More people are stuck with claiming HB as rents, even Housing Association and Council have increased to "acheive" a level playing field for those rents charged in the private sector (which used to be regulated, until Mrs Thatcher pulled the plug on that one). Young people are screwed over because their living allowances - based on what you would get if on Jobseeker's Allowance, are so low that any kind of half decent wage will all but wipe out entitlement to Housing or Council Tax Benefit, leaving most with a rent to pay out of what is still a small wage, even if it is minumum wage. On top of that, Local Housing Allowance rate for most people under the age of 35 (was 25 until start of this year) are set at Shared Accommodation rate. This means that your starting point for any Housing Benefit calculation is already stuffed, as it will be based on a maximum of what the Government believe your rent is worth for your circumstances and not on the actual amount charged. Restrictions also apply to people over 35 or couples and those with children, but not as low as Share Accommodation rate, who live in privately rented homes. The Government plans to scrap Housing and Council Tax Benefit in it's present form and replace it as a payment, included in the new Universal Credit... Yes, I remember that one from over 30 years ago when it was called Supplementary Benefit (SB) and (FIS) Family Income Supplement. Extra was paid in giros to cover people's rent, including Council rents and the idea was that people would be good and pass on the money to their respective landlords... The sceheme was evenutally scrapped due to a high proporation of people not passing on the cash for what it was intended for. That was three decades ago. Didn't work then, how could it work now?
  9. Blue Moon

    Shaun Ryder to advise Tories

    Ahhh, Happy Mondays - yes, know who you mean now. But still not making any sense - or is that because they are all mad and I'm not?? Off to rustle up Sunday lunch. Cold pasties all round, anyone?
  10. Blue Moon

    Social Anxiety Disorder- Opinions?

    You have my heart felt sympathy. Just reading your thread has made me feel stressed. I used to work in an office that was basically a "closed shop." Everyone, including the boss, were as toxic as each other and I was considered an outsider. At every turn they would nit-pick at my work, even though I could do more than that lot put together with my eyes closed. If I made a mistake, I was given a dressing down by the boss infront of other staff. I physically dreaded going to work and had day long headaches (don't normally get any) and my appitite dropped away almost completely. Outside of work, I started to withdraw from people, even friends I had known and loved for years. Had either a short fuse with family or tears at the least bit of nothing and ended up wanting to stay in bed all weekend, rather than go out. In the end, it was even a struggle to walk to the bus stop without panic. I could take no more and went to my senior manager, way above the *rsehole I had been working for and told her the situation. It took ages for me to relay the information - I couldn't even string the sentences together properly. She told me that sadly not suprised at what I had told her, as she had suspected something like this had been going on in the little empire across the way... She was very supportive and straight way took me out of the dreadful workplace to work with people who I knew were fine - different set up completely. Took a while, but my self confidence came back and slowly I began to get back to the more out-going bloke that I am. I didn't realise at the time how much they had ground me down. I once saw the *wat of a manager that gave me such grief, in town - gaunt, bald and close dark brown eyes - he was darting around like the world was on fire - I just stood and looked at him. He didn't look me in the eyes, he couldn't.
  11. Blue Moon

    Shaun Ryder to advise Tories

    Who's Shaun Ryder? I genuinely don't know. Goodness, I'm behind the times! Or is that a good thing??
  12. Blue Moon

    Being Gay, what IS the unnatural reason then?

    Well put, Antics. I have never in my entire life thought to "question" the ethics of hetrosexuals. It doesn't affect my life in any way, shape or form. Thankfully, the friends who I know are from all walks of the sexual sphere and I'm glad to know them for who they are, regardless of their gender.
  13. Blue Moon

    Tea! Love or hate?

    I rest my case... I've also found that tea before milk staines me mugs and I don't want the extra scrubbing hassle. Just a quick rise, then on the draining board, ta.
  14. Blue Moon

    Tea! Love or hate?

    This thread's certainly caused a stir!! lol!!
  15. Stick with an instructor who you feel at ease with and that doesn't do your confidence in. Don't be afraid to change instructors, otherwise. My first driving instructor was sharp and snapped at me during lessions until I lost my confidence and jacked lessions in with him... Thought I would never pass my driving test. Somewhere along the line, I started lessons again, with female driving instructor. She was ace - funny, non judgemental and allowed for errors like the old gear crunching (still do that from time to time if a bit light-footed on clutch) without biting my head off. She put me up for my driving test (scared the witts out of me) which I passed, fist time, no faults.

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