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  1. hi this has been found in s 13 it is on forum today please look this up it could be yours
  2. did you know the ledgers and ingrams my mam was doreen ledger before she became ingram but im sure ive heard my brothers mention the woodheads they are derrick,alan,brian,paul ingram
  3. Stay clear of hanson memorials he will leave sandwich papers what he has had for his dinner underneath and if you have any faults he will not rectify them full of promises but false ones.one unsatisfied customer.
  4. Has anyone had any work done by Alex Hanson Stonemasons of Darnall and not been satisfied by the level of work he has done for them i would like for anyone to comment on here thankyou
  5. THANKYOU someone agrees HURRAY not everyone the same
  6. to see what YOU have to say for yourself
  7. travellers will never be accepted but i would love someone to start a topic on asians,pakistanies,jamicans,kosavoans,goths,born again christians,catholics, in our back yard well we all have them and i get on with them all there is a saying "WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE"
  8. it is obvious travellers are not liked but we have to put up and shut up about any race and you have to live within the travelling community to understand where i am coming from and knowing a lot about travellers first hand it is a race and all you are RACIST also the jails are full of white british too so there is no innocent people in this world it is about time they were accepted like we accept any nationality
  9. I really find this thread very offensive,do you not think it fair that travellers have to have sites builtnext to motorways,canels etc POLLUTION would you like to have a house built there i must say there is GOOD AND BAD IN EVERYONE i dont ever see a thread on here about any other race or culture and IT SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED maybe they should too use a racist card
  10. there is new age travellers parked off clubmill road at neepsend and they never get moved on they been there for years but they are hidden away and im sure this cant be right
  11. hi ya tess the travellers are finding it hard as the council are struggling to get places for sites, because people object to them,it is not fair because it is how most of them are used to living,and just to point out if anyone has had bad experiences with travellers they are not all the same
  12. wheres the moderator to shut you up (*****) very offensive
  13. dont think you should be saying things like that (pikey) i know of many scrap men who have waste carriers licence and are travellers
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