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  1. I gave birth to my baby girl back in April this year. I arrived at Jessops at 1am and gave birth at 6pm that night. The first midwife I had was fantastic and never left my room. I had a fairly straightforward labour. My midwife then finished her shift and I got another one who again never left my room. Couldnt have asked for an more. I was never left alone in labour and actually had quite a laugh with her. Although when i got transferred onto the ward they didn't really want to know and like others have said there was no help at all with breastfeeding. It's not all bad.
  2. I went when it first opened and it was rubbish. and took 2 hours!!!!!!! just for a cut and dry. Not impressed at all.
  3. Ok, Got a few... Sunday 18th October Meersbrook School 1-4pm -------------------- Saturday/Sunday 14/15 November Stavely Hall Garden centre Sat 9-5 Sun 11-4 ------------------------------- Saturday 28th November Greystones school fair 11-2pm --------------------------------- Sunday 6th Dec Nether Edge Farmers market 11-5pm
  4. Hi, Does anyone know where the guy who used to sell bikes at Carbrook in the pub car park has gone too? Thanks
  5. Hi Shall we start a thread for christmas fayres happening this year!? I've had a look through past threads but they are all years old!!! Sarah Blue Bell Wood, childrens hospice in Worksop 12th November ------------------------ Saturday/Sunday 14/15 November Stavely Hall Garden centre Sat 9-5 Sun 11-4 ------------------------ leopold hotel on November 14th. ------------------------- Thursday 19th November at 7.00pm Waterthorpe Nursery Infant School Thrope Drive Waterthorpe ------------------------------ Woodseats Festival Christmas Craft Fair Saturday 21st November ------------------------------- Chesterfield -- Cats Protection League--Rose Hill Church ,Chesterfield,S40 1JN. Hasland Church -- Both on the 21st November ------------------------------------ Saturday 28th November Greystones school fair 11-2pm ------------------------------------ Whirlow Hall Farm Christmas Fayre. Sunday, 29th November 10 am - 3 pm. ------------------------------------ sheffield vintage fair 5th december. -------------------------------------- Sunday 6th Dec Nether Edge Farmers market 11-5pm -------------------------------------- 11th December at Stradbroke Primary School
  6. I'd like to know this too! We had a stal there last year and it was really really good! I've tried E mailing Sall but no response as yet! Sarah
  7. I have some pumpkins growing in the garden. One has grown about 2 foot long and has now flowered. I have no idea what i'm doing to be honest! Do I need to take the flowers off? Any tips on pumpkin growing? Thank you
  8. Hi there! I'm a busy mum of 2 who really really doens't want to go back to work after maternity leave!! So i'm in the middle of setting up a web site selling Childrens toys. Mainly party bag items... Jigsaws... pull along toys.... and play food.... All unusual and extreamly good quality. Would this be something you think you'd use? Anything you would love to see on a website? I am planning special offers and free delivery for Sheffield customers! Thanks Sarah
  9. Car boot from 10am this Saturday.... 11th July. Cherry Tree club. Main Street. Hackenthorpe
  10. Hi I would be interested in a stall I have loads of kids stuff!! Sarah
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