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  1. Thanks! I will contact them. I just contacted emergency nhs line again. Seems they're eager to have me pay £17 for another consultation, for a dentist to tell me what I already know: you need to register at a dentist. Yet, on their site: Band 1 course of treatment – £17.00 Band 2 course of treatment – £47.00 "This covers everything listed in Band 1 above, plus any further treatment such as fillings, root canal work or if your dentist needs to take out one or more of your teeth." So I'm really lost here. Do they or don't they offer emergency treatment? Dental nurse is apparently phoning me back, so I'll find out. I don't mind paying. Hell, I'll sell belongings to pay for these teeth to be removed. I just want emergency treatment. I don't understand why you can't just pay a dentist to see you have pull your teeth on short notice. Are they that busy and scarce? Sorry, I'm venting. Just very frustrated, in myself mostly for letting it get to this.
  2. The past year has been quite horrific at times. I haven't had a dentist since I was a child and have been hopping between Manchester and Sheffield so much, I don't have much in the way of care. I have 2 wisdom teeth which have caused abscesses on both sides of my mouth (it seems to alternate) every few months. I have 2 cracked molars, one is now severely cracked (half tooth left, exposing nerve) and I am in agony. Emergency care has been a joke. I've been to the emergency dentist 3 times in the last year, and all they have done is prescribe antibiotics and charge me £25. These teeth need to be pulled! I tried to register with local dentist (private) but had to pay £50 just for consultation and couldn't afford at the time. Could someone advise - what is the fastest way to get tooth extraction or proper dental treatment, private or otherwise? I'll take a loan if I have to, but I need to get these teeth pulled asap. Here is the usual process: 1. Ring out of hours emergency care line 2. Get prompt appointment with emergency dentist 3. Dentist takes a look 'ahh, yeh, needs to be pulled' 4. Dentist prescribes antibiotics or other temporary relief 5. I'm left in exactly same position with minor relief Is it possible to purchase the numbing agent used at dentist and have a family member rip out my teeth for me? Is the dental service really that bad?? Appreciate any advice.
  3. Thanks Biz, good idea. I should put my patience to the test To legitimate queries: Yes, I am looking to rehouse my budgie. Yes, he is a very tame budgie (he sings into your ear). No, I am not going to go back on this decision. In fact, I have to rehouse before I can move again, and then I will be travelling. No, my apparent defensiveness in this thread does not rub off onto my budgie. He receives nothing but love and affection.
  4. "Well, in fairness, you were on the forum commenting on other things during that time. But never mind, let's concentrate on the poor budgie" Poor budgie? The budgie is just fine Are you now calling me a liar? Priorities change. Are you aware of how life works for the other side of the fence or are you completely oblivious to strife? ---------- Post added 27-12-2012 at 18:51 ---------- I don't know why I have to say this again - I am NOT interested in posts from people who are not interested in rehousing this bird. Save your guilt trips and interrogations. Me thinks mods are little overzealous tonight had a drink?
  5. "First, I'm very sad about this. I love this bird, he is very friendly." "The *last* thing I want is to hand him over to a pet shop where he's stuck in a cage with 15 other budgies." "Note, I'm *not* selling the budgie. I'm more concerned about his well being." "Again, I am not interested in money. I am interested in a good home for him." " I love this bird very much, I'm attached to him, and I wouldn't pass him on unless I found the right home." Should I continue? Does sound like I have a cavalier attitude towards him? We can all cherry-pick. Anger issues? If I had anger issues, I wouldn't have been amicable towards NewBiz during this ridiculous conversation with the rest of you. I have no such anger issues, but some of the people here definitely have attitude problems.
  6. Thanks. I'm sure I'll find him a nice home. There were a few promising people last time. To note - my attitude towards the onslaught of judgement does not reflect the attitude of my beautifully calm and tranquil budgie.
  7. Oh, I'm sorry, I should have come back when I was nearly homeless, after I was evicted by my crack addicted mum? Seriously, you people need to lay the hell off. You don't know my life. Stop trying to pretend like I have some obligation other than to rehouse this bird in a nice home. ---------- Post added 27-12-2012 at 18:35 ---------- For a board concerned about the animals, I'm utterly shocked that most posts have been about the OP and not the animal in question..work that one out.
  8. Excuse me? Have you private access to my account and the conversations I had with those people? No. So why are you getting so catty? ---------- Post added 27-12-2012 at 18:28 ---------- I'm sorry if some close-minded people are offended that I'm moving on with my life, but if anybody has any advice on how I might get him a visa, I'm all ears I'm sure you all have very nice lives with families and bi-yearly holidays. I don't. This budgie is as alone as I am. Why be alone together when he can have a mate of his own kind? I'm sure he would be infinitely happier. I don't even agree with him being in a cage. If I could set him free into his natural habitat I would. It is immoral and I'm not being part of it. Should I continue to explain my thought process behind this decision?
  9. I've PM'd them and just waiting for a response. I have another thread I think I posted after this one. It has been a gradual decision over the past 18 months.
  10. Hey, look, I'm not making this decision on a whim. I love this bird very much, I'm attached to him, and I wouldn't pass him on unless I found the right home. You don't know my personal life and why I have to make this decision. A pet is a pet. He is not my child. I've given love and care to this bird for almost 5 years. It wouldn't be fair on him for me to keep him when I have no enthusiasm to look after him anymore. At the end of the day, I'm keeping him because of my own selfish attachment to him. He'd be happier somewhere else with other mates of his kind. He's alone, and I'm certainly not getting 2 budgies. Please don't make me turn this back on you. I've been very selfless with this animal but he must move on as must I. I'm 25, I haven't been on holiday in my entire life. I want to travel the world. What do you propose? Should I stay in this besieged country until he passes? Am I seriously going to work my life around a single budgie? Look at the bigger picture here. This is hard enough for me as it is without someone trying to guilt trip me. If you are not interested in rehousing this bird, your thoughts are not welcome. Thanks.
  11. I'm back after a long time. He's still with me I've upgraded his cage to a penthouse, and he has grown even tamer. I didn't end up moving which is why I haven't rehomed him already...regardless, it isn't fair to keep him when I've grown tired of not a second of silence in the last 5 years. I love him, but I'm going to have to let him go. I work at home and he is a massive hindrance to my concentration (I'm a programmer). Please, anybody interested PM me and I'll get back to you. I'm looking to get him rehomed within 6 weeks. Again, I am not interested in money. I am interested in a good home for him.
  12. Jokes aside, I'm talking about actual floatation tanks, isolation tanks, sensory deprivation tanks. Thanks Super Hans, I'll take a peep at Leeds.
  13. Are there any in Sheffield? I've searched for the past hour and I can't find a single one.
  14. IP block is not in the least bit reliable. IP can change even on a wired connection, and on wireless it can change more frequently. Not just that, you can circumvent the whole thing by using browser plugins and free proxy lists. IP bans are absolutely useless.
  15. Virgin if cabled. I'm not, so I moved from BT to Titan ADSL and I'm more than happy! They rent the line from BT. I have the same speeds for £15/month cheaper than BT. When I ring up for support, I actually get the office, and not outsourced personnel. Can't recommend them enough.
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