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  1. Any roadside parking around Arena where I can leave car overnight this Friday? I don’t mind paying if I have to just need it to be ok overnight? Or if I can pay at Arena and leave it overnight? There website isn’t much help? TIA
  2. Does anyone know what the cemetary / Sharrow Vale Road area is like snow and weather wise?
  3. Ah really? That would be easier. As it’s a hospital script my docs can’t issue the items apparently which is a bit silly! Thanks
  4. Thanks for your very helpful reply numbnuts. I’m getting someone to drop me in while I collect so I don’t have to pay another !2.50 to park like I did yesterday and wanted to make sure I was in right area. No need for replies like this.......thanks to everyone else who replied......I haven’t been able to get cos of the weather!
  5. Can’t find a straight answer to this online! I was at RHH last night outpatients department and was issued with a script I have to go back and collect today. Is the Boots pharmacy located in the Outpatients department does anyone know or in the main building? I foolishly didn’t ask last night
  6. Thankyou! Yeah I have asked the question before where the City Centre franked post is to be told there isn't one which I thought strange!
  7. We weigh and frank all our post at work and separate into green bags for 2nd class and red for 1st class. As far as I know you can only hand these in at the post office or use franked post boxes? If it's any different I'd like to know as franked post boxes are very few and far between!
  8. Where are the other ones in surrounding areas of Sheffield do you know?? They're doesn't seem to be be many these days!
  9. Found them where you said top of broomsgrove road....nearly missed them as covered in graffiti! In future I'll park top of broomsgrove road and walk over to post box.
  10. Hi......apparantely there is a franked post box on this road. Does anyone know exactly where? It seems a long road and it will save me driving very slow looking for it in rush hour traffic and peeing other commuters off?!
  11. Deepcar and stocksbridge , chapeltown and high green are all an easy commute to Barnsley.
  12. Yes, there are a few pitches around. My lad has probably played on most of them but he's struggling to find one that has posts and nets up that's available label for public use?
  13. Any idea where I can take my 12 year old and a few mates? Public football pitches with nets? TIA
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