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  1. Cuban style communism is having abit of a relaunch in some south american countries much to the distress of GWBush. Up until recently Castro had seemingly lost alot of power and influence but in last 2/3 years really established himself again - cuban style communism appears to work!
  2. i think at the end they were trying to imply that the dark haired girl was controlled by the killer and may therefore continue to do evil things or that she too would suffer from some kind of disassociative disorder. As for the wills i have no idea - i found the story quite perplexing and not in a good way!
  3. hi dk have sent 300 today and about 50 more to come hope they help xxx
  4. thankyou for that I was starting to think i was just being cruel not wanting another dog. i guess because this is a transition for both of us things are more chaotic than normal, i am in and out more than i would normally be etc, will work now to look at a more settled routine and see how that goes.
  5. Hi i am looking for some advise. My dog is sad. She is really missing Vike my husband who died recently. She is brighter when i am at home but when i go to work she is really sad (ears down droopy eyes etc). I always leave her the radio on, 1 day a week my neighbour walks her and 1 day a week she goes out with my Mum. I am out of my house for 8 hours a day which is a long time, but i walk her before i work and walk her again when i am home. She is so used to having someone with her most days i think she is finding it hard to ajust. I recently spoke to my local vet who suggested i get her a puppy, but i am not really keen on having another dog due to expense space etc. Does anyone have any suggestions
  6. Hi forum vike and i thought we would check in and say hello from gran canaria, is warm and sunny here beer cold and v chilled out nice to have abit of home in the sun See you soon xxxxxxx
  7. i am a mrs but until i got married i was always a ms. not sure my marital status is anyone elses business.
  8. the title was deliberate, got lots of hits and it provoked discussion, as in controlling members comments v the restraint needed by mods, also made me smile lots control mmmmmmmmmm
  9. joe p i am not wanting to cause problems for the mods at all, but i do feel that it is important to discuss this stuff with members from time to time. maybe a policy of only getting involved if threads are reported could be a way forward, that way it is less based on mods own judgement. Just a thought
  10. interesting point cyclone, i will watch out for the removal of the post. I am interested only in discussing the topic, not to offend mods or anyone else, i am just failing to see how funny links or internet photo's are a cause for a ban, or a comment about ensuring that people take links seriously. Am thinking that whatever else the forum is for, it should be entertaining. Keep smiling
  11. mmmmmmmm pikelets - yes the word is definately still used and sales have now gone up thanks for reminding me smile
  12. I havent been on the forum very long, but i do enjoy reading posts and catching up with people that i have met on the forum. Generally speaking i have found the forum to be a happy relaxed and pleasant space to fill my idle hours. I am however beginning to be upset by the amount of people thrown out by the moderators. I understand that this is a difficult job and clearly must be done within guidelines, no-one on here wants to deal with aggression or harassment in anyform but there is a fine line between restraint and control. Freedom of expression is vital and it annoys me when moderators apear to judge posts on what may or may not be acceptable to them personally. I think there should be a degree of common sense. I post this to encourage debate, if people feel i am being picky then by all means state that here. I do feel however that people who regularly post here will understand my concerns Be Happy and i look forward to your replies
  13. Thanks for all your replies, there is lots there to keep me busy. not sure i will mention the orphanage for unwanted ginger children but thanks for your help don:wink:
  14. Does anybody have any information about orphanages within the Sheffield area, dating back over that last 100 years. I am doing some private study and would be interested in any information.
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