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    Its hard being me.
  1. why it is ok to call in airstrike to places that a mistery and horribull
  2. off of soulja boi sog Soulja Boy off in this oh Watch me crank it watch me roll Watch me crank dat, Soulja Boy Then Superman dat oh
  3. stop luk listen all 3 are very impotant this id d frasier of the deh
  4. harry poter it gud do u lyke to spend muney on cloth or food or both at the same tyme
  5. wot do they call a doctyor that dunt do much doctyor do little hahahahaha it a gud joke
  6. just seed this and carnt belee they got away with it dont wach alot of footbal but though i share this cuz i carnt belee it happeded and it un fair for us copt paste
  7. a holiday it alway fun what is yor favrite saying or frasier
  8. mod stop takin out my posting it a valid reply so stop victimie me i say go nisan primra
  9. i lyke this food it gud which did u prefr out of a saucy pasta or bean on toat
  10. it alweay bestta to follow ur heart i say wheat
  11. it ok do u prefer the chocklit bar name ov marathon or snickas
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