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  1. Had food from them last night - and was excellent as usual. I'm now having to avoid gluten, they have a GF pasta, and if you ask whether a certain sauce/recipe has gluten in it they do find out for you which is great!
  2. I wish they would open up now and get it over with - I need to get some basics from Ikea and don't fancy a trip to Leeds or Nottingham! I like JL and Ikea - for different things. If I could afford JL furniture I'd prefer to buy from them but it is out of my budget unfortunately. Ikea is great for 'basics' so I hope they do open a store near Sheffield.
  3. With so many shops empty in the city centre wouldn't it be good if one of them were turned into a book exchange? I don't mind what a book looks like as long as I can read it - whenever I'm at the Hallamshire hospital I buy a book or 6 from their little charity shop. I've never noticed their books being brand new, so I guess they might welcome older books? I've recently taken boxes full of books to a St Luke's charity shop, I hope they weren't all discarded
  4. I love old books and 2nd hand bookshops are my favourite place for finding them. Why are there so few of them around??
  5. I'm glad you had a better experience, I went in October as I was going to attend a wedding and thought I'd treat myself. Maybe if you can remember/know the nail technician's name who did yours you could PM the OP?
  6. Hi weenireeni - sorry to say I had the opposite experience there . My nails were unevenly filed, it felt like they weren't interested if you didn't want false nails. For the money I spent I could have done a much better job myself (had to re-do it afterwards and I'm no expert!) I too would like to know of somewhere to go to have my own nails done - a traditional manicure not all this new nail art/extentions/gell etc stuff.
  7. What a beautiful place - and fascinating history. Hope they can find developers/investors
  8. I agree with you BettyBooHoo! - this is the real world. I was also wondering about the 15 minutes extra. I'm sure most people have to work a few extra hours without extra pay every now and then or foresake a break because of work pressures. If you care about your job and want to make a good impression that is.
  9. Is a plant not a living thing? Agreed. Why do people who choose to follow these alternative lifestyles always want to convert others?
  10. You can buy it online http://www.pottersplants.co.uk/products/Tumbling-Tom-Yellow-Tomato,-Box-of-5-Plug-Plants.html were you after plants or seeds?
  11. Rhinegold is where I bought two of mine
  12. I agree with this, acers are lovely and every spring when mine get their leaves is a little bit of a wonder for me, I have 3 with different coloured leaves (yellow, light green and dark red) and they're beautiful. Sorry to hear about your dog
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