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  1. Thanks longcol, good to see you're still enjoying your French adventure!
  2. Thanks cress and tinfoil, good to hear from you. Glad to pop by from my Lancashire exile (eughh!) and say hi! 🤣
  3. Happy NY to all my old SF mates, hope 21 brings much love & happiness...and the demise of covid!
  4. You too Longcol, I'm a bit seasonal now..like the arachnids! ..sure it wasn't running away from you tfh?! 😂 Hmm..don't live on Whiteley Wood Road do you?! 😉
  5. Hi alchresearch, racist or not it's a particularly unkind way to depict a new born baby, I'm sure if someone depicted one of Danny Baker's children as a monkey in a suit wearing a bowler hat he might understand the upset such an image might cause. Now, do I believe he's a racist? No I don't think so, I've liked his shows for many years and particulary enjoyed his appearance on Desert Island Discs. Was the image racist? I'm afraid it is, not only because it depicts a mixed race child as a primate, but because of the historical resonance of the association, an association created by white people to mock and demean black ones, believe me during my childhood I was regularly on the receiving end of it by people who now may well wince when they recall how they once behaved. The fact you (or Danny Baker) don't see it as racist isn't necessarily the problem, but by promoting the picture he's providing succour to people who inherently regard black folks negatively.
  6. I don't absolutely believe this, Pakistanis are over represented in the prison population, suggesting the criminal justice system has no difficulty dealing with them. However I think there exists some reluctance to deal with offences of this nature generally (not just with Pakistani grooming gangs), since the collecting of evidence is often difficult especially where vulnerable victims are concerned who might feel that the 'attention' they receive from the perpetrators is normal behaviour. Children with experience of the care system are particularly susceptible to this, I guess few grooming victims are the offspring of doctors or dentists. It's only in recent years that victims have acquired the confidence to speak out and support prosecutions that send these vile men to jail where they belong.
  7. Angel1. I suspect it's also because the establishment is white. In countries where the establishment is black, society is just as likely to be racist, but in many cases lack the moral fortitude to challenge it as we have, which is one reason I choose to live here. The ability to self reflect and do something about negative behaviour is a good thing, instead of becoming over animated about what we believe others might be getting away with.
  8. Happy belated 10th birthday jane2008
  9. Many thanks for remembering Cress, although remembering is something I find difficult to do at my age! ---------- Post added 03-04-2018 at 21:05 ---------- Cheers rg, great to hear from you ---------- Post added 03-04-2018 at 21:06 ---------- ---------- Post added 03-04-2018 at 21:07 ---------- Thanks mel..another year older and still no cure for arachnophobia ---------- Post added 03-04-2018 at 21:08 ---------- Thanks jane, I do lurk from time to time..but ran out of (meaningful) words
  10. ......all alone on a far away beach, out of sight with Crusoe?......anyone's guess Delighted I'm still able to rouse the rabble
  11. More like the Chuckle Brothers in lederhosen
  12. I understand your point but you're missing mine, the owners of the commercial interests in darts and F1 are responding to the views of their sponsors, nothing else. Who presumably no longer wish to be associated with activities that irrelevantly objectify women, the 'fashion' has changed. Frankly I'd never really considered this before the PDA decision but I don't have to look too deeply within myself to realise they serve no particular purpose other than to tittilate and if that's where the male interest lies there are plenty of porn sites that satisfy that demand. There was a time, when apparently the Great was being associated with Britain when it was perfectly acceptable to employ children to climb up chimneys (and other horrendous activities). Why bother to challenge the convention of the time? It provided work for children who were performing a valuable service (unlike the card carrying 'models'). It was the so called 'do gooders' who intervened and no doubt endured the sort of criticism people with a social conscience have to endure now.
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