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  1. There is the room upstairs at BB's that can be booked out though for parties
  2. By all accounts they have already bought their new place but thats not really our issue. Will get quotes like you said and go from there but I dont think id be prepared to overpay on a property. Thanks for the advice everyone
  3. That was our thinking but I will try with the discount price or get it fixed routes first. The report is very clear as it will be for anyone else that came after us and put an offer in. But...like others have said perhaps they will just wait it out for someone to come along and not bother with a survey. The mortgage people only care about the valuation part which it passed so this is now about what it will cost us and how able we would be to sell it on in the future.
  4. it was nearly 135k we had 134500 accepted in the end after a very trying 'negotiation' and its a terrace. We know they have already bought somewhere elsewhere and, like us, are ready to move. We really like the house but would need money off it to cover repairs if they werent willing to do them but like you said I suspect they will refuse to budge after the way they were about the price so we will have to just accept that and walk away
  5. Has anyone had any experience negotating when in this sort of position and what did you do?
  6. Hi, Im a first time buyer so any advice would be greatly appreciated. We recently had an offer accepted on a house (just below the asking price) but the survey came back today with several serious issues on it. 1) Roof problems, mostly that vents will need to be put into the roof as mould was discovered on the timbers and it has said budgeting for a new roof should be considered. 2) Damp-proof course failure in areas on the ground floor. 3) Repointing of a select area at the side of the property. So...does anybody know what happens next? Is it likely that the vendor will take responsibility for the repairs? Will we have to get quotes and start to renegotiate the price? If the vendor refuses to budge in any way is it best to pull out? Thanks for the help!!
  7. This has turned into a pathetic, childish thread that needs to end. If you have a problem with teachers state EXACTLY what it is, dont just make crass comments in response to actual replies OP WRTITER!!! Time to end it since people are just refusing to take constructive comments on board and are more interested in playing a silly point scoring game.
  8. Schools should already, as previously stated in other posts, tell parents well in advance and if they are not it needs taking up with the school. Most will give several months notice. I dont know about primary schools but in some secondaries parents are given the option of sending their children into school anyway but the vast majority dont. Presumably because the children are that bit older or they can take themselves to a friends house.
  9. Could those of you who have enjoyed a bit of teacher bashing on this thread please answer these questions: - What would you expect their job to involve for their money, or more importantly to you, holidays? - What is it that makes you think teachers do not work hard enough? Its very interesting how far we have come from the OP which was about an issue everyday teachers have no control over.
  10. The origional response was to someone expressing that teaching was a stressful job, you stated that essentially lots of jobs also have stress but failed to expand further. In failing to expand further you are not actually explaining your point in full detail, rather, your open-ended response seems to be insinuating that the author does not acknowledge stress in other jobs aside from teaching. It comes across as though you think all teachers hold the opinion that no other job is stressful. If I'm wrong and I'm reading too much into it I apologise.
  11. So its not the teachers then? State schools are not the only ones with impolite students in them. Private schools have pretty intense manners issues too, you dont have to be 'pond scum' to be impolite.
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