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  1. She has ALWAYS had slight anxiety issues and is rather shy.We're seeing a GP this week but I was wondering if mood swings caused by hormones can come BEFORE her first period.
  2. My daughter is experiencing some mood swings.Mainly varying from crying to being ok to throwing tantrums(She NEVER has tantrums).She's 12 and complains of a funny feeling in her stomach and THINKS she's going to be sick.(last time she was sick was about 6 years ago).Although this mood shift is gradual its over a very short period of time.Maybe a month.When she cries she often says she doesn't know why she's crying.She's not had her first period yet but can these emotions occur BEFORE her first one?
  3. To cut a long story short I’ve been earning over £50,000 The last 3 years but I never knew about the child benefit needing to stop.I’m not making excuses I just wasn’t wise to this.I realised this when a friend mentioned it and rang HMRC and I went straight online to fill my self assessment in but I’m worried sick.I really am.How much will I be likely to be fined for this.I’ve looked at some websites and it could be £6,000-£8,000 according to some.Has ANYBODY been in this situation?And how much am I likely to have to pay including any penalties. My last tax year I earned £64000 Previous was £52000 And previous to that was £52000. I was below £50000 before that. PS I'm not trying to find a way out of this as I know I've messed up.
  4. I need ideas for a party for an 11 year old girl.Shes inviting 5 girls.We're having a meal booked for them after but we need ideas for before the meal. Thanks
  5. Could be.Just done a google image search for "DVLA van" and the cameras shown are exactly like the one I saw
  6. Just passed what seemed to be a speed camera on a lay-by on sheffield parkway.Coming OUT of sheffield the lay-by just before you turn off to go to Costco/Makro there was a white car/van with an orange flashing light and a very small camera on a small tripod behind the car pointing in the direction of traffic.
  7. The right decision if you ask me but I went to a roman catholic school in Sheffield when I was 11 and in the first week we were shown a slideshow/video of an abortion taking place.I threw up everywhere. I understand that there are codes and beliefs to follow when attending a faith school but some of it is off the scale
  8. Hi A friend of mine celebrates his 40th birthday in October and he's wanting to organise a weekend break in the uk for around 4 couples of a similar age. Does anyone have any ideas
  9. I AM on virgin at the moment but they are charging me £20 for sky sports but with this sky offer they said they would give me All the movies and all the sports with the he package for £23 pm with a £50 cash back too. Would a second hand box work?
  10. They've sent me card already but I cancelled the order when they said I would have to pay £200 for a new box
  11. If I bought a used sky hd box from eBay would I be able to subscribe to sky with that box or would sky have to send me a new one. Reason I ask is that I want to take advantage of an offer they've got for customers who've recently left them but when I left them last time I sold my box on eBay so if I bought a second hand one would I be ok
  12. I posted a used mobile phone worth about £40 the other day by 1st class recorded delivery but the woman behind the counter said I wasn't covered for loss or damage because mobile phones need to be sent by special delivery.I looked on the royal mail website but all I can find is that you aren't covered sending cash and jewellery by this service.Is she right or is she pulling a fast one?
  13. Hi I'm looking for a good photographer to do some family photos which will also do your hair and makeup.Preferably in rotherham/sheffield area
  14. Ofcom? Never thought of that cheers
  15. I'm having a dispute with Sky at the moment and was wondering if you've had a similar experience. Basically I came to an end of my 12 months subscription.I rang them and they said it was fine.I explained that if I cancel my direct debit would I be sent a bill if there were any outstanding payments.She said yes.So the next day I cancelled it.A few days later I recieved my final bill and a confirmation letter of my cancellation.I paid my bill a few days later through the sky website.I rang them up not long after just to make sure everything was now paid off. Now they are saying because of how their system works when you cancel a direct debit it "blocks" the cancellation process so now even though I'm no longer connected to sky they have to bill me again for £52 and start another direct debit.Like I said I was told I could cancel the dd but now they are saying I shouldn't have.Even if I was told NOT to this system they've got is a bit wrong. What do u think
  16. That might have come accross wrong. What I'm trying to say is that the vast majority of these rioters (of all colours/creeds) came from deprived areas and a lot of these areas have a lot of different skin colours which would explain why there were black rioters aswell as white. This is all purely down to social issues to do with basically being poor/bad parenting. NOT COLOUR.It just HAPPENS that there are poor black people too.
  17. I find it absolutely laughable that this is to do with RACE/SKIN COLOUR. I'm of MIXED RACE and ever so slightly dark so if a BLACK man say stole a 32" flatscreen telly would that mean I would be stealing a 19" telly because I'm not as dark as him??? You make me sick!!! BTW The MAJORITY of these crimes were committed by people who were less well off and most of these places DO have a high proportion of ethnic groups because when the first economic migrants came to this country they were housed all in one place so now we have these ghettos.
  18. I bought a laptop about 2-3 weeks ago but its developed a fault. If I return this to pcworld can I get a full refund on my credit card or will they just say I can only have it repaired through them?
  19. Remember a few years ago there was something called operation ore which broke an online pedophile ring which had about 5,000 british subcribers who were ALL white.I don't remember anyone stereotyping then!!!!!
  20. I have a 10mb/s connection with virgin cable.I do a broadband speed test thingy now and again and I'm actually getting the right speed but when I download something or ANYTHING it downloads a lot slower than 10mb/s.Because I'm getting what I pay for in terms of speed from virgin why are my actual downloads slower??
  21. I personally don't get this race HATE/LOVE thing.I love my family and close friends and I'm not going to say I love/hate some complete stranger because they happen to have been born in the same part of the world.I find all that a bit too weird and a bit sickly sweet
  22. I HAVE!! But to be honest I'm not sure if it worked for me.I suffer pretty badly.SO bad I've been admitted to a&e four times.The hayband I tried as a last resort and I never noticed any real difference so if you suffer alot with it I wouldn't imagine it would make a big difference. I'm now having allergy shots at the Northern General which seem to be doing the trick.Other than that I take LORATADINE/CETIRIZINE/NASONEX nasal spray which seems to help. One other thing I will suggest is avoiding the cross reactionary foods.Just google ORAL ALLERGY SYNDROME you'll see what I mean.This is the ONE thing which I believe has helped me the most!!!
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