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  1. There is no reason not to have a licence to fish, its not like it costs the earth. I for one welcome the new initiative
  2. I have a software patch that does it for me every time lol
  3. I personaly think Windows 10 is the best so far, it does every task I want with ease and fluidity, its a work of art
  4. Talk talk are a joke, I once had service with them and to say the least it was trash, never again!
  5. http://www.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c01549447.pdf here is the manual if its any good to you
  6. Hi Ghozer, My company is called Stoneworld Future-Tech, I am opening on 1st April 2017 at Unit A14 Alison Business Centre S2 1AS, I am offering PC, laptop, tablet and mobile phone repairs, upgrades and new PC builds to any spec and budget. Also selling refurbished PC,s laptops, mobile phones and tablets Thanks
  7. Give this guy a try..... http://stoneworldfuturetech.simplesite.com/
  8. Try this http://stoneworldfuturetech.simplesite.com/
  9. Hi Treeman893, Got an appointment on monday with job centre, I am going armed with a 12 week sick note from my gp and I am refusing to sign on as my gp says I am not fit for work, it will be interesting to see how it goes on monday, I will update just so the information I give may help others in the same situation ---------- Post added 10-01-2017 at 15:42 ---------- Went to job centre yesterday, I was called to a desk where I produced my sick note only to be told they would not accept it and couldnt sign on as I am unfit for work. So guess what???? I am now not on anything, I have no income what so ever. A word of warning to all, dont go with a sick note as they wont accept it once you have been found fit for work. If they say so then thats the way it is and there is nothing you can do about it because they have it all sewn up so you have not a leg to stand on. How ironic? We need to stand up to this government in large numbers so they know how unhappy we are but it will never happen as nobody has the balls!!!
  10. What a joke! DWP have today found me capable of work and been kicked off esa, I got no points at all even though I cant sit for more than 1 hour without being in servear discomfort which caries 6 points nor can I move more than 100 meters without being in servear discomfort which caries 9 points so the 15 point criteria has been met yet I got kicked off with no points at all, my problem is if i sign a declaration saying that I am fit and able and actively seeking work I would be comiting fraud which is a prisonable offence, how does that stand on a legal point of law? Sorry for my spelling
  11. It has to be said that most roads/lanes that serve fisheries are much the same, if you drive slow enough you can get down them without doing any damage to your car. You are the driver and your responsible for driving it so if damage does happen then its down to you the driver!
  12. I have just given billy clarke's a ring and was told that the canal from cadman street to the first lock on tinsley marina is now under the waltonions angling club, so from the first basin down to american golf is free fishing
  13. They just do not care or understand the problems with being unable to work and having to rely on benefits just to get by. I can not work but I wish I could as there is nothing worse than sitting at home all day every day with nothing to do, its soul destroying yet we are made out to be scroungers!
  14. Anybody fancy fishing on above date? pm if your up for it
  15. I for 1 dont really care what it costs for a licence, I just want to be able to go fishing without trying to dodge the ea, get a licence.
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