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  1. Speaking of fighting events, this was THE BEST show ive ever been to in sheffield ! The night was a bit long but the standard was incredible Yousif Ibrahim from AFK is amazing
  2. I thought they were hosted by Hussain Shafique???? Whats happened to him these days?
  3. Is there any VIP tickets left??? I need 3 maybe 4. Whats the last day i can get them by ?
  4. Kickboxing is on Sky TV again and there are fighters from Marsdens on this next episode I think its a repeat for anyone who missed the Marsdens Guys in action. Anyone who lives in hillsborough and does kickboxing should tune in and watch the guys from hillsborough show how its done.
  5. Ahmed is a Sick sick fighter!!! Good luck to all the AFK Fighters tomorrow at the show . Nakash, Lewis, Khalid , Yousif and Dr Andrew. All fighting at the old ice rink on Queens Road kick off at 7pm.
  6. Excellent documentary!!! Love how khalid always seems so half asleep PMSL.
  7. You say youve done martial arts and kickboxing for 10 years? Have you done any of them to a decent level or did you just pick up bits and bobs from here and there then set out to do a "self protection" course?
  8. I just saw the Kickboxing on SKY TV. Absolutely awesome!!! The best performances by far were young Lewis from AFK at only 16 years old hes such a talent!!! Also Dr Andrew Carr. Before coming to AFK his record was 4 fights 4 Loses and hed been Knocked out 3 times. Now that hes training at AFK he got his 1st win!!! Well done to AFK if anyone wants to watch anymore AFK Kickboxers winning the next episode is tomorrow on channel 203 on SKY at 930pm!!!
  9. Ive looked at Sky tv listings and good news theres no fashion world or whatever and instead there is MA Action. Didnt the film the show? If So AFK has their chance to shine next weekend
  10. 2 wins for AFK . Ahmed won and Andy Campsill won by KO in 3rd for the title
  11. Theres AFK kickboxing in the town centre? only a FIVER a lesson and they take beginners all the time. Really friendly club with good instructors who care about people and not just £££. http://www.sheffieldkickboxingclub.co.uk Thanapron that inferno said is good too.
  12. Thats an excellent result. Nice to hear there are good kickboxers in sheffield.
  13. Last night at skate central queens road. All 5 AFK Kickboxers won their K-1 fights with 5 wins. 2 of them won by KO and Ant Stuchbury won the K-1 english title.! AFK once again prove they are the most successful club with the highest win ratio. big up AFK
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