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  1. Hi. I need to get a silver bonnet and bumper for a mk4 Golf. Does anyone know any breakers or scrap yards I could try? Thanks
  2. Steve at JDM. I passed first time then recommended him to two of my friend who also passed first time. He is really patient and a great teacher.
  3. For an inexpensive alternative to a DJ you could hire the equipment yourself and run a playlist from and ipod or laptop. I hired from these guyshttp://www.sheffieldpahire.co.uk for the misus 40th although I think we may have overdone it with the smoke machine!
  4. I need a 2kg CO2 fire extinguisher refilling. Anyone know of somewhere which will refill a CO2 cylinder Thanks
  5. Thanks. Whats Bramhalls in Hillsborough like?
  6. Hi. Got some old electric cable I want to weigh in. Can any one tell me which merchants take plastic coated cable? Thanks
  7. Attic Studios offer a free rehearsal if you have not been there before.. http://www.atticrecordingstudios.co.uk
  8. I went to Auto Start on London Rd for 3 part worns that have been going flat ever since. I took them back today and was told I would have to pay an extra £21 to seal the rims. Told them to stuff it. Went to The Part Worn Tyre Shop just off the wicker and they found that it wasn't the rims but Auto Start had shreaded my valves when removing the old tyres! £15 and 3 new valves later and job done. Looks like I have also been robbed on the tyres too... looking at the ones they sell at the wicker for the same price £20- 25 each, they are far far better and very nearly new. Avoid Auto Start! The number for Part Worn Tyre Shop is 07534 227490. Next to SMC Bikes, Derek Dooley Way.
  9. try http://www.sheffieldpahire.co.uk
  10. Looking for a roofer in the Walkley area to refelt a bay window. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hi. Anyone happen to have any spare tickets for Gruff Rhys on the 14th Feb at city hall? Thanks
  12. Hi. Try Sheffield PA Hire http://www.sheffieldpahire.co.uk I hired some CD Decks last month, i know they do lights and stuff.
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