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  1. Hi all, thanks for the advice guys. I've sourced some ram. I'm struggling to determine what size processor I can go up to - any ideas? I also bought a graphics card but it's too wide to fit into the slim dell tower - is there a particular type I should be looking for? Beginning to think it might be easier to buy a gaming motherboard!! Merry xmas everyone
  2. Hi All, I am looking to upgrade my PC a little, with a view to being able to play games like WOW, and just being generally a bit faster. It is an optiplex 745 - I have used CPUID to determine the following: That has an intel pentium D820, 2.8GHZ, socket 775 LGA, on a 0RF705 motherboard. It has a 256mb ATI Radeon X1300PRO graphics card. It has 2GB of DDR2 RAM (although it has 4 slots in total). My confusion is around knowing which are compatible components for my machine - i.e. how fast a chip can I put in there and how much RAM can my machine accommodate? etc. Thanks in advance for your help - complete PC nubbin here... Cheers, OG
  3. So you're advocating your kids arguing with people in public when they are in the wrong? Good job. It's their own fault, how about teaching them to accept their mistakes and work on not making them again, and writing to Stagecoach about the conductors attitude, rather than whinge about it on here.
  4. Waldrom called out to replace Sheridan - they must be worried about their back-row cover. I would have brought an other back out as cueto is struggling and ashton got his arm bent the wrong way and could be a doubt. alternatively bring another prop out given stevens limped off. a second row can cover back row - especially as lawes and palmer are looking fit and are good at getting round the park
  5. I was very impressed with russia - for a team new to the world cup and competitive international rugby they did not look out of place.
  6. Hi All, Can anyone recommend a mobile valet service covering sheffield now that DMT has gone out of business? (very sad to hear about that). Thanks in advance - any indication of price would also be appreciated. OG
  7. Go to the windows sign/start in the bottom left corner. Click control panel. Then look for system, and it should tell you in there.
  8. Beer, crisps, and a good haircut. What more can you ask for. The new apprentice they've got in is lovely too
  9. Oh, and if you've not seen super troopers, then get it watched!!!!
  10. I watched Dukes of Hazzard last night (the remake with knoxville and sean william scott). I absolutely loved it!! I'm a big fan of Super Troopers, and alot of the humour was the same, and even had cameos from the same actors/characters! Awesome. An unashamed 8/10!!
  11. Very good point!! I get your point about Franco too. I was really annoyed by his character in Spiderman, but since then each and every role has impressed me - even Pineapple express!
  12. Easy buddy, I'm one of Stallones biggest advocates, and Copland was a heck of a film (as was Detox btw)
  13. You're saying Flood is injury prone.....?!
  14. Flood has proven to be much better in attack - he worked really well with his back line in the 6N and autumn internationals - bringing them all into the game. Wilko doesn't do that - he used to. Not sure what's happened, maybe age. He's far more defensively minded - he put 14 tackles in against wales, more than anyone else - more than his flanklers! What I can say is he has got better. France has done him the world of good. He is a very good second choice, but second choice he is.
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