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  1. Perhaps if the police responded to reports of flashers, rather than ignoring them, then they could stop the perpetrators progressing to other more serious assaults.
  2. I live in a semi detached house and the other half is own by the council. The fence in between the houses in in a poor state of repair. Is it the responsibility of the council or the tenant to repair it
  3. Well, the scheme has been going for a few days and it would seem that the expected queues during rush hours (and outside of them) are being experienced
  4. Obviously you have never been to P.N.G. Otherwise you would not make that statement.
  5. I am trying to contact Brian or Gloria Hall. They used to live in the S2 area twenty years ago. Please PM me if you have any contact details
  6. Shame, I was expecting some where more glamorous such as Tahiti, N Korea, Siberia, etc. And certainly expat workers in the Middle East, Far East or Africa
  7. Where do forumers live or have lived. Are there any that live in strange, remote or exotic countries. Who can claim to live in a country that is hard to visit such as North Korea?
  8. What about the cementation furnace on Doncaster Street? It is quite unique and I believe the only one in the UK if not the world
  9. I left in 72 and my form master was a certain history teacher/scout master who took delight in giving me the slipper daily (with a chalk cross on of course!)
  10. Most councils have 30mph areas with speed bumps in. These speed bumps damage cars if driven over at 30mph (even though 30mph is the legal speed limit). So, in effect the councils are designing the road furniture to damage cars when they are driven at the legal speed limit. Is this legal - to damage drivers property when driving at the legal speed limit? Surely the councils should reduce the speed limits on the roads when they install bumps?
  11. This seems to be changing into a thread about HMO licencing rather than insurance. However having spoken to various landlords in the HMO business it does seem as though the Council is giving licences without the properties having the correct planning permission
  12. is this the same guy who had a thread on here some time ago about increasing the income on rented properties?
  13. The article 4 area is an area defined by the council in a bid to stop too many houses being used as HMO's. However apparently the dept that issues the HMO licences does not check whether the properties in question actually have the relevant planning permission. Apparently its a well known secret within the landlord circles!! Are there any landlords reading that can contradict me (or confirm this)?
  14. Thanks, but if the worst was to happen, would my son need to claim off his own insurance or would the HMO insurers pay out? If the former then he would be out of pocket. Could he sue the Council????
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